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Hyper-Man's origins are very similar to Superman's in more ways than one. His natural father was a scientist that placed his son into a capsule and rocketed it from the dying planet Zoron a planet with heavy gravity that orbited a red star. He landed on the planet Oceania where he was adopted by a family called the Kings who named their "adopted" son, Chester.

The planet Oceania was almost an exact duplicate of our Earth. Like Earth, it's gravity was lighter than his homeworld and also revolved around a yellow star.

It was with this energy source that Chester King drew his power from. Growing up, Chester King soon began developing super-powers where he took on the name of Hyper-Boy and his base of operations would be his underwater Fortress of Secrecy. The older Chester grew, the more his power developed that he would use to fight crime and help those in need. Tragedy struck at the death of his foster parents, Mom & Dad King. Realizing he was destined for greater things, he moved away from the small town he had grown up and took a job in Macropolis as a television reporter for the Oceania network. Chester would find that his meek, timid and mild manner would prove a good disguise against his reporting partner in crime, Lydia Long, in exposing that he truly is the superhero, Hyper-Man.

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Adventures With Superman

Hyper-Man would find himself in Superman world one day. Having witnessed how his superhero counterpart lived for several years, Hyper-Man decided to travel to Earth in order to ask for Superman's help in keeping his identity secret. Rather than ask Superman directly for his help, Hyper-Man takes on the identity and impersonates Clark Kent. Superman, realizing his new doppleganger, confronts Hyper-Man who is still disguised as Clark Kent.

After Superman discovers Hyper-Man's intentions, he takes him to the Fortress of Solitude and begins to help him in keeping his identity secret. In the process, Superman uses his "Super Univac" device to see into Hyper-Man's future. Superman is discovered that Hyper-Man was going to die from Zoronite poisoning a year after coming in contact with Blue Zoronite. Seeing this future, Superman decides to go to Oceania with Hyper-Man in in order to sabotaged his identity so that he could marry his girlfriend, Lydia Long, and live out the rest of his time in happiness. Superman is given a tour of the planet and the Fortress of Secrecy, where during this time, the pair learned numerous similarities between Oceania and Earth.

Superman initially assists in super-friend's secret identity by doppleganging as Hyper-Man in front of Lydia Long. However this is just a ruse as he is still intending to sabotage Hyper-Man's secret identity. After several failed attempts Superman is finally successful in revealing Hyper-Man's identity. Chester in turn has to confess in front of everybody present.

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As foretold by Superman's Super Univac, Chester King is exposed to Blue Zoronite. But thankfully due to Superman's early intervention, Chester King is realized as the superhero Hyper-Man and remembered as Oceania's greatest hero.

Powers & Abilities

Gaining his powers from harnessing the energy from the yellow star that Oceania orbits, Hyper-Man's powers are on a par with the Silver Age Superman before the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This would suggest Hyper-Man would have the following powers:

  • Flight
  • Hearing
  • Healing Factor
  • Heat Vision
  • Invulnerability
  • Solar Absorption
  • Super Breath
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Vision powers
  • Telescopic vision

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