Character » Hyperius appears in 16 issues.

    Superman of Earth-8 and DC analogue to Marvel's Hyperion, himself a Superman analogue.

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    There is little know about Hyperius. Native of earth-8, he joined earth-5 Captain Marvel to help to save the multiverse from the menace of Mandarkk. He is one of the stronger member of that earth main team, the Retaliators. However, for the time when the natives of earth 8 had to fight against the invasion of the Gentry, Hyperius was missing.

    Hyperius eventually was revealed to have been reunited with his team and joined to them to fight against an invasion of the dark multiverse. Searching for the origin of the invasion, the Retaliators and the Zen-Men travelled to earth 23 where they found a lost Wally West who helped them to stop the dark invasion.

    If Hyperius has even been member of a team analog to the Justice League of America, (including doppelgangers of their teammates) is unknown but not dismissible.


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