Hyperion, Eternal ?

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i just want to know is hyperion a eternal i know it says so but i never heard of him being one i really dont know that much about him but i know alot about the eternals and never heard of him being one.

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There is an Eternal that is named Hyperion after the God, but he is not the same as the Hyperion (Superman homage) of the various Squadron groups

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Apparently Hyperion (classic Squadron Supreme version), is the last Eternal of his home dimension that is known to still live.
He has untapped powers as no-one ever taught him to use this powers as he was raised by humans.
When he damaged his eyes in battle with the criminal Hyperion (that the Grandmaster had created), he was rendered blind, relying on radar goggles to 'see' with.
He was later recognised as an Eternal and was shown how to heal himself, which restored his sight.

We don't know if he has all the other powers that Eternals exhibit (like telepathy or external matter manipulation).

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what comic was that in

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Djinn said:
"what comic was that in"
Sorry, I cannot recall, but I think it was during the Squadrons extended stay in the the normal Marvel universe (616).
So it may have been in an Avengers or West Cost Avengers comic (possibly in the Operation Galactic Storm crossover).

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It was in Quaser.  Makkari recognised him as an Eternal.  They went off panel and when they came back Hyperion had healed his eyes.

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I remember Hyperion being revealed to be an Eternal in the early '90s.  Marvel hasn't ret-conned it out yet, so I guess it still stands. 

If he is still an Eternal, then he's got the highest over-all level physical abilities development of all known Eternals.  Hyperion would be comparable to many of the Eternals at their specialties.  For example; Strength and Durability on par with Gilgamesh, Flying prowess comparable to Ikaris and speed to rival Makkari, just to name a few.   

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