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Current Events

Currently there are three Hyperions roaming the mainstream Marvel Universe. The Earth-616 counterpart is unaccounted for following a conflict between Baron Zemo and the Grandmaster, while the villainous Hyperion from Earth-4023 had a recent altercation with the Thunderbolts and another Hyperion from Earth-13034 is a member of the Avengers.


Earth-616's Hyperion's civillian name is Zhib-Ran and he inhabited the microverse. He later became a member of the supervillian team; the Squadron Sinister. By his own account, this Hyperion was the elected ruler of a world in the Microverse. When his planet was inadvertently destroyed by Genis-Vell, he was swallowed up by a powerful Galactic Maelstrom, which he was rescued from by The Grandmaster.


Marvel's first Hyperion
Marvel's first Hyperion

Hyperion was first introduced in The Avengers #69 as a member of the villainous "Squadron Sinister" superteam and was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema. This version was later revealed to be a clone. There have been countless Hyperion's introduced since and most incarnations of the character are at least loosely based on the DC Comics character Superman, the two of them sharing similar looks, powers and origins.

The second, and most popular, Hyperion, this one from Earth-712, is a member of the heroic "Squadron Supreme." This version was also created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Thomas also created the Squadron Supreme (a Marvel superteam analogous to DC's Justice League of America) which first appeared in The Avengers Vol.1 issue 85 (1971). The creation of this heroic version of the Squadron Sinister caused much confusion in the production office, as the workers kept getting the two teams and Hyperion's confused.

Earth-616's Hyperion was introduced into several decades later in New Thunderbolts, where he was a villain who joined the Squadron Sinister, much like the earlier clone.

The latest version of Hyperion (Earth-13034) was introduced in the pages of Avengers Vol.5 issue 1 and became a member of the Avengers-team. After the events of Secret Wars he joined a new incarnation of the Squadron Supreme.

Major Story Arcs

Guardian Protocols

Emerging from the Microverse, Hyperion joined forces with the new Doctor Spectrum and aided her in her plan to conquer the planet Earth and rule it with an iron fist in order to "save the people from themselves". The two "recruited" Speed Demon and Nighthawk, two members of the original Squadron Sinister, into their plans. The two new recruits betrayed them, however, and along with the rest of the Thunderbolts, defeated them. Before they could be apprehended, however, the pair were whisked away by the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster had a plan to use an extra-dimensional energy source (the Wellspring of Power) to give himself god-like omnipotence. Baron Zemo was preparing to stop him, so the Grandmaster recruited the Squadron Sinister to be his agents in the upcoming conflict. During the inevitable confrontation, Hyperion was defeated in battle by both The Fixer and The Radioactive Man, who managed to bring him down by using high-pitched sound frequencies and a radioactive frequency that drained Hyperion of nearly all his powers, leaving him with just enough power to keep the cold hands of Death from taking him. Hyperion somehow managed to escape from the Thunderbolts and hasn't been seen since.

Powers and Abilities

Hyperion is an Eternal with various superhuman powers.. When Earth-13034 Hyperion he came to Earth-616 he stated that Earth-616's Sun being less filtered for some reason. This made him even stronger duo to the fact that his powers are comming from the Sun.

Super Strength

Hyperion has an extremely high level of superhuman strength and is able to lift at least 90 tons, if not far more. Hyperion's strength has wavered over the years being as low as class 75 and high enough to match the Hulk, Thor and Gladiator in battle. The 13034 Hyperion recently was shown to be strong enough to slow down a hurtling planet single handed, lift and throw Atlantis, and also stop the collision of two alternate universes by himself for a short time. He was also capable of one shotting Terminus who Thor was having a struggle with and ridiculously overpower the High Evolutionary.

Super Speed and Reflexes

Hyperion can move and react at superhuman speeds. He was moving and reacting at the period of nanosecond while fighting Gladiator.

Superhuman Stamina and Self Sustenance

Hyperion has superhuman stamina which the limits of are unknown but it seems that it is limitless as long as his body absorbs solar energy. He is immune to toxins, poisons and does not tire. Hyperion also does not require air, food or water to survive and is self sustenance while he absorbs Solar energy.


Hyperion is almost invulnerable to all types of damage including heat, energy or blunt force. Though he can heal from nearly any wound eventually, the rare times he incurred any, there was a limit to his powers of recuperation. Hyperion's invulnerability is at a very high level yet he is not entirely indestructible. He shrugged off multiple blasts from a weapon capable of melting granite like nothing. He was also capable of taking blows from strongest powerhouses in Marvel Universe like Hulk, Thor or Gladiator and also survived being cut by Glaive of Corvus which is capable of cutting atoms (even tho he was KOed).

One of his most impressive durability showing is when he survived the incursions, the destruction of two Universes by destroying their respective Earths.


Hyperion is capable of flight on massive speeds. While on Earth he can fly at speeds of 3080 miles per hour (Mach 4) but is capable of flying faster than light, moving from earth to space or from space to earth in the span of second.

Atomic Vision

Hyperion can project very intense beams of heat energy from his eyes capable of generating up to 12,000 degrees at least. He has been shown capable shoot concussive blasts of solar energy from his eyes capable of hurting even Thor and the Hulk as well as incinerate Corvus Glaive, and swiftly decapitating Namor. He was able to examine a dead skin cell at the atomic level and find the culprit of the abduction using his heightened hearing and sight in the span of a few moments.

Enhanced Senses

Hyperion possesses x-ray and miscroscopic vision, allowing him to see everything in Electro Magnetic Spectrum as well as see through solid matter.He also has superhuman hearing allowing him to hear anything he wants from whatever planet he is on, and not on.

Alternate Universes

Squadron Supreme Universe (Earth-712)


The Hyperion of Earth-712 is the last Eternal left on Earth. As a young child he was adopted by the Milton family and raised as their adopted son Mark Milton. His adoptive parents raised him very well, instilling in him certain values that led to his career as a hero and proactive approach towards human affairs. Upon finishing college, Mark decides to become a costumed hero to use his powers to protect others, he chooses the name Hyperion, after the greek titan. Mark chooses to move to the city of Cosmopolis and gets a job as a newspaper's staff cartoonist. Mark would later start a relationship with his work colleague Lonni Lattimer.

While living a life of heroic adventure and crime-fighting, Hyperion meets many other metahumans, several of them decide to join forces and form the superhero team Squadron Supreme. Hyperion is chosen as the leader of the Squadron.

During one of their early missions they encounter four of the Avengers from the 616 universe, who had accidentally crossed into the Earth-712 dimension. The Squadron battle the Avengers, but the two teams eventually unite against the planet-wide threat posed by the Brain-Child, before they return to their own universe. Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme later battle the Avengers once again, who help to free the Earth-712 from the influence of the artifact the Serpent Crown.

Due in part to failing governments and poverty, Hyperion and the Squadron plan a program called Project Utopia. The project involves taking over the Earth through peaceful means by convincing the people to allow them to transform the world into a paradise, they state the project will take one year. It's during the Squadron's implementation of the Utopia Program that Hyperion and Power Princess begin a romantic relationship in the wake of the clone masquerading as Hyperion's death.

Nighthawk, who had strongly opposed the Utopia Program from the start, left the Squadron after he failed to convince his team mates the project was morally wrong. After several crises, Nighthawk leads his rebellion which eventually culminates in a deadly battle with both sides suffering several casualties and fatalities including Nighthawk himself who is killed. After the battle, Hyperion realizes the error of his ways and promptly begins dismantling the Utopia Program.

He and the other surviving members of the Squadron Supreme later travel into space to protect their Earth from the Nth Man, at the cost of being exiled to the Earth-616 universe. While stranded in the 616 dimension, the Squadron Supreme resided at Project Pegasus and periodically responded to the sites of emergencies and disasters to help protect people and save lives. It was during such efforts that the Squadron was manipulated into yet another conflict with the Avengers, battling them in person (Hyperion battled Thor) and in the media. After some investigation the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme determined it was Imus Champion who had been manipulating them. The two teams confronted Imus Champion and were forced to team-up and combine their efforts to defeat him. During this team-up Hyperion and Thor put aside their usual enmity and even seemed friendly toward each other. The two teams of heroes managed to defeat Imus Champion's plan and, as an added bonus, stumbled across a prototype Nth projector he'd had in his possession which gave the Squadron the means to return to their universe.

Upon their return home the Squadron discovered the members who'd remained had disbanded. Later, Hyperion reassembles the former members of the Squadron after he learns a new government had assumed power after the Squadron's exile and had continued the Utopia Program. Hyperion and the other Squadron members immediately begin an assault on the Global Directorate cementng the now reunited Squadron vow to overthrow their world's oppressive government dictatorship and restore their world.

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Sometime later Hyperion and another blind Hyperion from Earth-5764 were brought in by Barnell Bohusk a.k.a. Beak of Earth-616 to help the dimension-hopping Exiles defeat yet another albeit a mentally deranged version of himself from Earth-4023. After defeating their evil twin Hyperion and his Earth-5764 counterpart considered wresting control of The Panoptichron from The Exiles and The Timebreakers as neither party were considered trustworthy by any stretch of the imagination to either version of Hyperion. Beak, whom they trusted, was able to convince them that The Exiles were responsible enough to handle The Panoptichron without them and so Hyperion and his counterpart returned to their respective Universes. A few weeks later Hyperion would once again encounter The Exiles as they chased the body-snatching, reality manipulating Mutant called Proteus (who was in the form of Hulk 2099) across The Multiverse. Proteus convinced Hyperion and The Squadron Supreme that The Exiles had ditched Beak, went insane and were hunting Proteus down because he had tried to stop them from conquering The Multiverse. Hyperion and The Squadron Supreme defeated The Exiles while Proteus hopped Universes and had them placed on trial. Eventually Heather Hudson, in the guise of The Timebroker, would convince Hyperion of their innocence and in return for their freedom Hyperion and The Squadron were given the means to expose the tyrannical government now ruling over their Earth for what they truly were and how they had rigged the election process which had put them in control of Earth in the first place.

Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme were next seen in the Ultimate Universe. The Scarlet Witch of Earth-1610 accidentally brought Hyperion and The Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 from some point in their past to Earth-31916 (The Supremeverse circa 2007) where he briefly fought Earth-1610's Wolverine, his own Earth-31916 counterpart and then eventually would lead his Squadron Supreme alongside Earth-31916's Squadron Supreme and The Earth-1610 Heroes into battle against The Hulk of Earth-1610. After the fight ended The Scarlet Witch, with the aid of the Earth-712 Arcanna and Earth-31916's Arcanna, returned Hyperion and The Squadron Supreme back to the proper moment in time on Earth-712 that they were pulled from.

Earth-1121 (Earth X)

Elderly Hyperion
Elderly Hyperion

The Hyperion of Earth-1121 is an elderly man that comes from a world where all life was eradicated by nuclear holocaust, save for him, whose Eternal heritage made him impervious to the destructive power unleashed by a fear-consumed humanity.

Hyperion was recruited by the robot X-51 of Earth-9997 ( Earth X) for his squad of interdimensional heralds in return for the knowledge required to "kill a Superman". During his mission with X-51 to find the Reed Richards of a world that has been returned to a Hyborean state of being by the dark mage Kulan Gath, Hyperion single-handedly annihilates Kulan Gath's armies and, after discovering that Gath has been drawing all his power from The Celestial Embryo growing at the heart of the Earth, incinerates Kulan Gath himself.

Hyperion later became embroiled in several conflicts with The Watchers, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Annihilus' expedition crew and The Police of Earth-9997 and was eventually reunited with his lost love Zarda after entering Mar-Vell's Paradise, but is shocked and dismayed to find her in the arms of the evil duplicate Hyperion the Grandmaster had created to battle the Avengers. Zarda explained to Hyperion that it was his duplicate she'd fallen in love with first, and it was always him whom she'd truly loved. Heartbroken, Hyperion ran away and was never seen or heard from again.


For more details: see King Hyperion.

The Hyperion of Earth-4023 is a genocidal villain, a former member of Weapon X and the Thunderbolts and a chief adversary to the Exiles.


This blind incarnation of Hyperion was seen for a few issues in Exiles when he and Earth-712 Hyperion were brought in by Beak to help the Exiles battle and defeat the evil Hyperion of Earth-4023. Going by the fact that he is still blinded from his fight with The Grandmaster's Hyperion, he seems to have come from a world that never came under attack from The Nth Man. Because of this The Squadron Supreme of that reality would have never ended up being tossed into The Multiverse and stranded on a world where Hyperion would have been able to meet Makkari, a fellow Eternal, and learn how to heal injuries such as the one that left him blind in the wake of his fight with the duplicate.


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An incarnation of Hyperion from Earth-13034 first appeared in the pages of Avengers Vol.5 issue 1 and was brought into Earth-616 when he was saved from his dying universe by A.I.M., who intended to use him for their atypical generic evil plots. It is revealed in his origin issue that this Hyperion's Earth was destroyed by a universal incursion, a problem that the Illuminati where dealing with in New Avengers. Hyperion was liberated by the Avengers and afterwards was offered to become a member of the team. Hyperion accepted the Avengers' offer to join their ranks and subsequently joined the team to battle the Garden.

Joining the Avengers Hyperion aided them on many missions helping fight beings such as the Builders. He even played a role in the Infinity event being a key fighter in the final battle against Thanos.

Hyperion stayed with the Avengers as the incursion threat became larger and larger. Together with Thor, the Builders and Star Brand, they tried to stop the masterminds behind the Incursions, the Beyonders. They battled a number of them at the edge of the Universe and managed to take out some of them. However, at the end it was just Thor and Hyperion left and a whole new wave of Beyonders had arrived. They failed to stop them but went down fighting and seemed to have been killed by them right before all of reality was destroyed and then re-shaped into a new reality, as seen in the events of Secret Wars.

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Joining the new Squadron Supreme

After Secret Wars, Hyperion found himself alive and well and soon joined a group of other misplaced heroes that had lost their home-reality and had found themselves stuck on Earth-616. The group soon agreed that they would become a group of heroes that would protect their new earth by any means necessary. In doing this, Hyperion and his team first sought out Namor the Sub-mariner, for his crimes during the incursion conflict that had lead up to the Secret Wars and the destruction of all reality. A fight broke out between the Squadron and Namor and his Atalantian forces in which Hyperion eventually took the entire city of Atlantis and rose it up from the ocean. After lifting it up, he threw it down again towards earth. An enraged Namor attacked Hyperion, but Hyperion used his laser-eyes to decapetate Namor's head from his torso, killing him instantely. After this, their message to the world had become clear, but Hyperion's actions also gained him the distrust of the American society and his former allies, the Avengers.

Earth-31916 (Supreme Power)

Child Of The United States
Child Of The United States

The infant who would later become known as Hyperion was sent to Earth from an alien starship in an escape pod to avoid being killed along with the rest of his people. The pod crash landed somewhere in Midwest America, and was found by a middle age couple who upon reaching the flaming wreckage were shocked to discover a baby boy amongst the debris. Believing he was sent to them by god, they decided to take the infant home and raise him as their own. However, U.S. government agents soon arrived and took the infant and ship into custody. It quickly became apparent that the child was developing different abilities, such as great strength and impenetrable skin. Realizing the boys great potential as a military asset, they decide to raise him in a carefully controlled environment with government appointed guardians, under the pretense of a normal childhood, with the name Mark Milton.

The ship sings softly of its journey. The ship sings of partings and passings and farewells. The ship whispers: "You will never be alone." -- Hyperion's journey to Earth.

In Issue #1 Contact Hyperion is sent to Earth as a child, and taken into US custody. He is studied by military scientist who quickly discover the child possesses inhuman strength and near impenetrable skin. Realising the boys great potential as a military asset, President Carter declares that any children orphaned without next of kin are considered wards of the state, and that the boy is now a child of the United States, he orders that he be raised as one. Naming the child project Hyperion and giving him the day to day name of Mark Milton, the officials in charge find suitable adopted parents for Mark and moves the new family into a remote government controlled compound which is monitored at all times, they are given express instructions that Mark's upbringing must be as non-stressful, idealized, and as all American as possible.

All seems to be going well until Mark's third birthday when his flash-vision manifests and completely incinerates a puppy given to him as a present. Throughout his childhood, Mark is exposed to frequent pro American propaganda. Some years later Mark has a conversation with his father where he expresses his desire to go into the world outside the compound, he reveals that he can see for miles, and asks his father if the guards are there to stop him from going out, to which his father replies that they are. Mark then reveals that he is able to fly and that the guards can't keep him in, however, he says that if his parents love him and they love each other he has a reason to stay and let the guards make a difference.

Mark begins feeling isolated from the world and other kids his age, his frustrations boil over during a history lesson with his tutor when he burns the book in her hand with his flash vision. During a talk with his father, Mark again voices his desire to interact with other kids his age, saying that with everything he is capable of and everything that could go wrong, it would be a good idea for him to learn to relate to normal people. The government officials controlling Mark's upbringing have no intention of allowing him into a public school which they would have know control over, so instead they create a mock school environment which they have complete control over. They use the teenage relatives of the officials in charge of project Hyperion and enroll them in the government controlled school.

However, in private the officials warn their relatives to steer well clear of Mark, as they all share a common fear of him. Mark's first day does not go well, first he is taken to the school in a tank, and then is ignored by his fellow pupils. The day continues to go down hill, Mark uses his X-Ray vision and hearing to listen in on a conversation between some of the other students who are discussing how they can just tell Mark is different from them. Later Mark tells his parents he never wants to go back there, and comes to realise that there really is know one else like him.

Mark is asked to the White House for a one-on-one meeting with President George H. W. Bush. The President tells Mark that he could be of great service to his country, and asks if he would participate in a military operation in the Mideast, called Desert Storm. He is told that he would have operate in secret, never being seen or taking credit for his work. Mark replies that it would be an honor. Mark is soon dispatched to the battle field and effortlessly annihilates the enemy forces, tearing through tanks with his bare hands. This pattern continues for several years, until a reporter for a major American news paper gets to close to the secret, leaving the officials in charge of Project Hyperion with two choices, kill the reporter or give the story to him in the hopes of better controlling the situation to their advantage. At the age of Eighteen, Hyperion's existence is revealed to the world but not his extraterrestrial origin, which even he is not aware of.

Now that his existence is known to the world, the military are unable to use Mark in secret overseas operations, much to their chagrin. Hyperion takes on the role of Americas first superpowered hero, and is given a colourful red, white, and blue costume. The general public quickly embrace Hyperion as a hero, and he begins his new role helping out in everything from fighting crime to public accidents such as car crashes. During this time his adopted parents decide they want to leave the life they had lived for twenty years and move on, the government agrees with this as they deduce that losing his parents at this delicate stage of his life, coming into adulthood, would cause Mark to rely more on his country as his spiritual mother and father. To accomplish this they send Mark off on what they believe to be a false mission, investigating an urban legend known as the Atlanta Blur. Unbeknown to the government, the Atlanta Blur was in fact very real and Mark was able to track him down, finally after twenty years he has proof that there are others with powers other than himself. However, while off on his mission, the deaths of Mark's parents are staged in a boating accident.

Hyperion and Zarda
Hyperion and Zarda

After discovering that he had been lied to and manipulated by the people he had trusted all his life, Hyperion goes to confront his superiors and demand answers. The panicked officials evacuate the workers on the military base, however, they consider the soldiers expendable and deploy them in an effort to slow Hyperion down.

Despite being able to fly, Hyperion does not fly straight into the base, but lands outside it and proceeds to enter the base on foot. The soldiers begin attacking Hyperion with their most powerful weapons, using tanks, machine guns, flame-throwers, and bombs, none of which have any effect, as Hyperion completely ignores them, casually walking past as if they were not there. He breaks through all thirteen floors of the underground complex, quickly finding General Alexander, who despite the seriousness of the situation, appears flippant and unfazed. Mark asks the General who he had known all his life why they had used, lied, and manipulated him, to which the General simply replies "Why Not", he goes on to say that Hyperion isn't human and they had no obligation to treat him as such. The General tells Mark that they had never trusted him to act in their best interests and that he only ever saw Mark as a weapon and nothing more, he says it was his job to make sure Mark was pointing in the right direction. Enraged, Mark asks the General if he knows what he could do to him if he wanted to, the general replies that he knows what he could do to us all (meaning the human race) and states that's why Mark is here. General Alexander then sets off an explosion of nuclear force, sacrificing himself in an attempt to kill Mark.

The plan fails, but leaves Mark severely wounded and unable to move. He is rescued by a beautiful woman, who says her name is Zarda, and that she had been waiting for two thousand years for his arrival on Earth. She flies Mark high into the sky and heals him with a kiss, using some kind of energy transference. She then tells him that they are of the same race, sent to Earth to concur and kill, preparing the way for the others. However, Hyperion says he wants to help the people of Earth, as they believe in him and think of him as their hero. Zarda agrees to allow Hyperion to return back home, saying she will wait for him and has 2000 years of life with which to reacquaint herself with. Mark ask how he will find her again, to which she answers "I have waited so long for you. What took so much to bring together will not lightly be broken apart. When you call, i will come." As Hyperion flies away Zarda cryptically whispers "And when i call...You will come."

Other Media


Hyperion in Avengers Assemble
Hyperion in Avengers Assemble
  • Hyperion (alongside the Squadron Supreme) appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Whom Continuty Would Destroy!", voiced by Travis Willingham.
  • Hyperion appears in the Avengers Assemble episode of the same name, voiced by Brian Bloom. In the show, Hyperion is established as having been a member of Squadron Supreme, a team of heroes from an Earth-like planet (rather than an alternate reality). After a civil war destroyed their world and left Hyperion as the sole survivor (mirroring Superman), he fled to Earth in order to find a fresh start. There, he allies himself with the Avengers, and quickly wins the hearts of the American people. However, after nearly killing the Wrecker, Hyperion becomes an object of suspicion, and the Avengers eventually learn that he had in fact destroyed his own planet after they refused to bow down to his tyrannical rule. He attempts to kill the heroes and conquer Earth, but ends up defeated and imprisoned. Later in the series, Hyperion is freed from prison, and joins the rest of his teammates.

Video Games

Contest of Champions
Contest of Champions
  • Hyperion is a playable character in the Marvel Avengers Alliance game.
  • Hyperion is a playable character in Marvel Future Fight, an IOS and Android game.
  • Hyperion is a playable character in the Marvel Contest of Champions mobile fighting game.
  • Hyperion is a playable character in Lego Marvel's Avengers, but is only available in the Avengers Adventurer DLC pack.


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • Hyperion was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Hit-Monkey Build-a-Figure wave.
  • Hyperion was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
  • Hyperion was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
  • Diamond Select released a Hyperion figure (based on his Avengers Assemble incarnation) as part of their Minimates line. The figure was released in a two-pack with Captain America as part of a
  • Bowen Designs released a Hyperion bust.
  • Hyperion was featured in the "Avenjet Space Mission" kit from Lego.

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