Concept » Hyperdrive appears in 11 issues.

    Device used to travel faster than light from one location to another.

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    The Hyperdrive solves the problem of travelling vast distances, usually through space, in many science fiction series.

    Function and Mechanics

    Typically a Hyperdrive remains unseen as an object but is often referred to when engaging for hyperspace travel. Many fictional ships employ a computer to control the hyper-drive to ensure that the trajectory the craft will take in hyperspace will avoid hitting objects in the path they are taking and also to ensure that on arrival they come back out in a safe location.

    The mechanics of the device are mostly unexplored and then to just be referred to as a concept. Hyperspace travel almost always appears to be painless, relatively simple to perform with a high degree of reliability.

    Star Wars

    Famously the Millennium Falcon's age and rickety constriction and modification makes its hyperdrive / computer somewhat unreliable, it fails to engage on first attempt.


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