Hydra & its Status in the Marvel Comic Universe

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Hi all, I've become interested in the villainous organization Hydra since seeing them in action on the new Avengers television series on DisneyXD, and was wondering if anyone could tell me more about their comicbook counterpart.  For example...
1)  Who is their current leader?
2) Are they a Nazi organization or is their only ideology world conquest minus all the racist nonsense that the Nazis obsessed over?  I ask because from what i saw on the show Captain America's old archnemesis Red Skull & his sidekick Baron Von Strucker are both members of Hydra.
3) What is their current status in the main Marvel comic universe?

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I think the current leader is Viper aka Madame Hydra 
i think red skull and baron strucker might retain their racist views but the organizations main goal is world domination and chaos 
last i checked their organization was rotting fom the inside

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