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Hybrid is a child of a male Dire Wraith and a female human. He lived in Clairton Virginia on a farm. At birth Hybrid used his shapeshifting powers to look human. Everyone thought he was human even his alien father, who never heard of a child made by a Dire Wraith and a human.

When Hybrid turned 15, a group of Dire Wraith came to talk to him. His mother didn't know they were aliens but still didn't want him talking to them. Jimmy went to them and they told him his origin. They then taught him how to use his latent abilities. Jimmy didn't know that they were psychologically showing him how to be evil. His mom tried to take him and runaway but he scared her with his mental powers.

Character Creation

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Hybrid was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema and first appeared in Rom 17 (1981).

Mayor Story Arcs

Dire Wraiths and ROM

First confrontation
First confrontation

Jimmy's Dire Wraith teachers stop coming. he got very angry and attacked his parents. He turned his mom into a very old woman. That night ROM came to see about Jimmy. Jimmy turned into his real form and attacked Rom. Jimmy's father felt bad for letting the Dire Wraith use his son he tried to kill him with a pitchfork. Hybrid telekinetically shoved it back into his dad's stomach. Rom then tried to send Hybrid to limbo but Hybrid knocked the gun out of his hands.

At that moment the X-Men arrived. They found Hybrid by seeing a powerful mutant on Cerebro. When they showed up Hybrid turned into a human so they would think Rom was attacking him. Rom and the X-Men fought. Shadowcat grabbed the gun a shot Hybrid when he turned to his real form.

Later Hybrid reformed himself. He sided with Mystique, Rogue, and Destiny to fight ROM. They then stopped helping him and helped Rom cause they saw that Hybrid just wanted to use Mutant females for breeding. Hybrid however managed to escape and resurfaced once more in Kentucky. Here he was a miracle worker. Healing people. This made a problem for the New Mutants who defeated him by blowing him up.

Against X-Man

Hybrid again reforms himself but he lost some of his memories. All he could remember that he was Jimmy Marks. X-Man found him and helped him remember accidentally showing him the Hybrid part of him. They fought, until X-Man defeated the Hybrid persona and Jimmy came back.

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy #24
Avengers Academy #24

More recently Hybrid acted like a new student to the Avengers Academy while he was actually there to kill and eat every student. He was luckily destroyed before making any permanent casualties.


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Hybrid can shapeshift. He has super strength, very strong telekinesis and telepathy. He can take control over other mutants abilities. He can reform himself after being blown apart. And he knows Dire Wraith magic.

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