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    Desperate to survive, Venom's children Agony, Phage, Lasher, and Riot merged into a single entity and then joined with former Guardsmen, Scott Washington, to become the symbiote hero known as Hybrid.

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    Guardsmen of the Vault

    Scott Washington became one of the 35 armored Guardsmen whose job was to guard the Vault, a prison for superhuman criminals. Working there, he befriended one of the convicts named Vance Astrovik. He and other Guardsmen were transferred to guard Facility #12, where scientists were studying four alien symbiotes.

    Freeing the Symbiotes

    The four symbiotes: Agony, Phage, Lasher, and Riot were the offspring of Venom who were created by the Life Foundation. After their sister Scream and her host killed their hosts they were captured and sent to the Vault. Scott Washington was one of the guards who worked at the Vault. While there, he found out the four symbiotes were not evil and not a threat, and decided to release them due to their pain from their captors' experiments. As they escaped they merged into one entity, now calling themselves Hybrid. After they escaped, Scott was fired from his job for freeing them. He returned to the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, the gang-torn neighborhood in which he grew up. Following a basketball court scuffle with members of the Eazy X gang, his brother, Derek Washington, was shot and killed while Scott was shot and crippled, losing the use of his legs. The four symbiotes went looking for him and eventually found him. At first he refused to bond with them but changed his mind when he was able to walk again. Scott then decided to use his new powers to get revenge on the Eazy Xs. Due to Scott's anger, the symbiotes try to hold him back from acts of violence, (not the other way around). Since his symbiote was originally four different entities, Scott has to contend with four different voices/personalities in his head besides his own. As Hybrid, Scott got revenge on the Eazy Xs and handed them over to the authorities with help from his friend Justice.

    Major Story Arcs

    Jury-Rigged Justice

    As Hybrid, Scott began to get a lot of press attention, and while most of the publicity was positive, it drew the attention of the the Jury. He was captured by these self-appointed guardians of justice, who would have executed him just for being a symbiote, but he was rescued by the New Warriors. Justice offered him membership in the group, but Scott declined, citing he had more important work to do in his home neighborhood. Scott was then considered as a "potential recruit" for the Initiative program.

    Death of Hybrid

    After losing everything, including the Anti-Venom symbiote to save the city of New York, Eddie Brock felt he got no respect and was left with nowhere to go. He then went on a symbiote hunting spree to get back at the symbiotes that ruined his life. Eddie's first target was Hybrid, whom he killed with what seemed to be incendiary bullets. He then hunted down his symbiote-sister Scream and killed her using a sonic grenade and burning hot knife - mirroring the way she had killed her siblings with a sonic knife.

    Carnage U.S.A.

    In Carnage: USA, the Hybrid symbiote was revealed to have been forcibly separated behind the scenes. The four symbiotes were rendered catatonic as a result of the trauma of the separation. The covert U.S. government Mercury Team, trained with them to teach them specialized tasks.

    Powers & Abilities

    Like Spider-Man, Venom, and Carnage, Hybrid has wall-crawling and web-slinging abilities. He can form his symbiote into pseudopodia or tendrils, creating snares and bladed weapons, or shape his symbiote to form a membrane that allows him to glide through the air. The symbiote has camouflage abilities and can blend in with its surroundings, as well as mimic clothing. Hybrid has a border-line warning sense and can "see" through his symbiote. He also possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift at least ten tons and enhanced durability that allows him to withstand bullets and high falls. He can also fire off small pieces of his symbiote that can move independently for a period of time; he has even detached a piece of his symbiote before to send messages to his friends and allies.


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