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 Fully Armored
 Fully Armored
Hybrid Zero is the power source of Stuart. Together they form Soldier Zero! Hybrid Zero is a living and breathing thing that needs a host to survive, without one - they will simply die off. Originally, Hybrid Zero was like the Soldier One units. Instead of having the color white, Hybrid Zero was black. However with a change of heart, Hybrid Zero became a protector and not a killer. When fighting against an army outside of Earth's atmosphere, Hybrid Zero and the alien host were badly injured and hurled towards Earth. At this time, Stuart Trautmann was talking with his girlfriend Lily about the accident that placed him in a wheelchair. About to be crushed alive (thanks to Hybrid zero falling on the building), Hybrid removed itself from it's previous host and made a special/unique bond with Stuart.  
From there on out, Stuart is considered to be one of the most (if not the only) powerful host in the universe. For some reason, Stuart's connection with life and the Hybrid are different than previous host. While there is still a lot of mystery of Hybrid Zero, he is considered a traitor to the Soldier One's. 

Powers and Abilities

 In Action
 In Action
Hybrid Zero is considered to be an "outsider" of the Hybrid One's (or Soldier One's). It has been noticed in the series that before Hybrid Zero had bonded with Stuart, it was weaker than the Soldier One's. Having to always go with killing was the only option for Hybrid Zero at this time. Hybrid Zero has the power to create hard light weapons, fly, has the power of healing, super strength, and other prowess. Since the bonding with Stuart Trautmann, Stuart is considered to be more stronger than any host in the known universe. Thus being able to wake up from having no brain activity, thanks to Hybrid Zero.  
While Stuart Truatmann doesn't know how to "fully" control the Hybrid Zero and also agree on the same thing, his powers haven't been reached to there full potential. However with time and training, this feat could be met extremely soon! Dishing out on thugs is one thing, but taking down super powered alien villains is another thing!   

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