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    Continuing in the adventures of the Hybrid Bastards, they enact a plot to hurt Zeus where it counts

    The Good

    The second issues immediately jumps back into the plot of the Hybrid Bastards to enact their terrible revenge on Zeus who has forsaken his bastard children. The issue provides a lot of great context about how the Greek Gods fit into the modern day setting and the book is able to focus on fleshing out the characters of the Hybrid Bastards themselves as they go about their tale of revenge. The book manages to fit in its dark middle chapter leaving the reader on yet another cliff hanger and wondering how everything is going to pan out.

    Again Kate Glasheen makes great use out of the Greek motif and stuffs the pages full of references alongside more classic visual gags (Can you find where's Waldo?). I still can't get over how well the coloring makes everything pop and easy to distinguish. This issue helped me really fall in love with the characters and the art certainly plays a large role in that.

    Tom manages to mash up sort of a Heist movie feel as well as bringing in an extremely clever pull from Greek mythology in the form of a new character. The character fits in well with the universe and does provide a good background role. The bastards continue to have well defined personalities that only lead to them getting into trouble.

    Lastly, there is an absolzeusly heart wrenching scene that shocked me to my core. Seriously, just looking at it makes my heart ache.

    The Bad

    What is shown on the cover for Issue 2 is more related to Issue 3. Being the second part of a three issue story, it is a fine standalone issue but is not really intended to be taken as one. It is assumed you know who these people are and what is going on, so this is not an ideal place to jump in if you have not read issue 1.

    The Verdict

    This is my favorite issue of the three part series, because who doesn't love the tragic middle part of any good story? More about the central characters is revealed, things don't go quite as planned, and it all appears to be spiraling downward! The book continues to be fun but manages moments of somber reflection which plucked at my emotions.

    The issue doesn't have as much impact if you don't read the first issue so I wholeheartedly recommend you read the entire Hybrid Bastards series.

    Here's a link to read the review of the First Issue of Hybrid Bastards.

    Link to the review of the third and final issue of Hybrid Bastards.

    Note: Due to Comic Vine's review system I have to review each issue individually. However, my reviews are generally in context of the collected volume as a whole which contains issues 1-3. You can certainly pick up the individual issues (first issue is free on comixology) but the story arc is clearly meant to be enjoyed as a completed series. You can find the collected volume on amazon and Archaia.

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