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    They're originally from plante Varl but they were relocated to Nal Hutta.  
    They speak Huttese
    Their skin color vary from orange, green or brown. 
    They can live up to 1000 years.  
    They're more famous for being criminal masters and they control a vast of worlds insoide their territory. 
    Their big bodies don't let them do complicated movements so they enjoy watching other dancing especialle female Twi'lkes. 
    They're hermaphrodites so they developed their personalities of man or woman at their own choice. 
    Famous Hutts were Zorba whom had hair and a beard. Jabba the Hutt a famous crime lord in planet Tatooine. Beldorion is the only Jedi known Hutt, was defeated by Princess Leia when he betrayed her. Ka'Pa was a crime Lord who helped Mara Jade in a mission. 
    During the Yuuzhan Vong the Hutts negotiated a deal with them but their treachery was discovered and they were seriously punished, making many Hutts flee their homeworld t Tatooine.

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