Alternate ending to Hush

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At the end of Hush, Tommy Elliot reveals that he hates Bruce because Thomas Wayne saved Tommy's mother, which meant that Tommy couldn't inherit until his mother died. He tells Bruce/Batman that he tampered with the breaks in his parents car so that they would have an accident and die. I think it would be better if this had never happened. If Hush hated Bruce because he blamed him for the death of his father, Bruce would be able to relate to him more. Bruce would understand the intense emotions that occur after the loss of a parent and he would be able to feel an obssession not unlike his own crusade on crime redirected back at him. At the end of it all Bruce can truly "think like his enemy" and thats what makes it even more tragic. His oldest and best friend hates him and Bruce can understand why. I loved Hush both for the story and the artwork but for me the ending was a letdown and I've heard the same thing said y others. I know this happened years ago but with the advent of the DCnU, this seems like the right opportunity to retcon it. Thoughts?

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@TheGoddamBatman: Selina no longer know's Bruce's secret so Hush has been altered but to what extent it unknown.

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I'd forgotten about that, thanks for reminding me.

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@TheGoddamBatman: The biggest thing I got out of reading Hush, was what an ineffective human being Batman is. How his mission has permeated every aspect to his life, to the extent that even when he makes overwhelming efforts towards trusting people who care about him, his tactical paranoia ultimately over-rides this. I think it was more interesting that this constructed emotional blindness has not only sabotaged his personal life, but also the mission it was meant to enable. The kind of obsessive analytical perspective he personifies is generally unable to step fully into the minds of those drastically different from them. If he could relate to his enemy's perspective, than this idea would be undermined. I think the point that he was working under the assumption that any animosity in Elliot would be parallel to his own issues was his downfall. To me this character flaw is the greater tragedy.

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