"Batman" Hush

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    Batman faces a new enemy who knows his secret identity and is out to destroy both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

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    Plot Summary

    A mutated Killer Croc holds the young heir of a wealthy family for a ten million dollar ransom which he plans to use to fix his mutation. Batman arrives on the scene, defeats Croc and saves the child. During the fight, Catwoman snuck in and stole the ransom money. As Batman chases after her high above the rooftops of Gotham, his bat-rope is mysteriously cut and he fall right in the middle of Crime Alley, fracturing his skull. He is saved by Huntress and Oracle who brings him back to the Bat-Cave using the Batmobile. With Alfred unable to help him, a barely conscious Batman signals to his butler with Morse code the name "Thomas Elliot", a famous surgeon and a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Dr. Elliot manages to save Bruce's life.

    Killer Cros escapes from jail and goes after Catwoman who reveals that she was being mind-controlled by Poison Ivy when she stole the money, but Croc doesn't care and tries to kill her only to be stopped and defeated by Batman again. Catwoman thanks Batman with a passionate kiss causing Batman to start to develop feelings for her. She also reveals that Ivy is in Metropolis. There, the two track her down only to be confronted by her latest mind-controlled victim, Superman. Using a kryptonite ring, underground tunnels and his own wits, Batman manages to hold off Superman's long enough to break Ivy's control over him. After that, they manages to finally take down Poison Ivy.

    Later on, Bruce Wayne is invited to the Opera House by his friend Tommy Elliot along with Selina Kyle and Leslie Thompkins. Harley Quinn then crashes the show and attempts a robbery. As Batman chases after here, he is horrified at the site of Joker standing over the dead body of Tommy. Enraged, Batman quickly takes down Harley and then proceeds to savagely beat Joker almost to death until he is stopped by Jim Gordon. Later on, after stopping a robbery by Riddler, Batman finds traces of the Lazarus Pit in the crime scene and so tracks down Ra's Al Ghul to Africa where, after defeating the villain, learns that someone has been using Ra's' Lazarus Pit.

    Following Nightwing's advice, Batman finally gives in to his feelings for Catwoman and reveals his identity to her. Later on, Scarecrow is on the loose in a cemetery, and after Batman takes him down, a man with a bandaged face appears, holding Robin hostage and reveals himself to be Jason Todd, the Robin who dies many years ago. As Batman gives chases, he finally realizes that it's actually Clayface in disguise.

    Part 1: The Ransom

    Batman breaks into a building in a shipping yard. He knocks out several miscellaneous people (a Gotham city wrestler, an FBI agent, a military veteran). We see in the captions that Batman is out to rescue a kidnapped boy who is the son of a major Industrialist and a close friend of Lex Luthor. Batman rescues the boy but Killer Croc (the kidnapper) attacks him. Batman and Croc fight. Batman says that this is too smart for someone like Croc, that's why he had to get involved but he would have anyway. Batman and Killer Croc fight and Batman wins and chains up Croc. Several FBI field operatives swarm the place. They take the boy with them but the ransom money is missing since it was with Croc a while a ago. Batman activates the Heat sensors in his mask and sees Catwoman swing away with the ransom money. Batman chases her and Batman acknowledges there is something strange about this even for Catwoman to just come and steal the ransom money. He chases her and just when he was about to catch her something cuts the bat line and Batman falls. He grabs a gargoyle but slips and crashes to the ground in crime alley. Catwoman meanwhile goes and delivers the ransom money to Poison Ivy.

    A street gang surrounds Batman, one of them tries to take off his mask but it releases a pepper spray. Another one tries to hit Batman with a metal pipe but the batsuit electrifies him. Oracle meanwhile finds out Batman is down and calls for help. A gang member was about to shoot Batman in the head. Huntress then arrives on her bike and kicks the would-be shooter. She takes on the gang. Batman, unconscious is able to hear Huntress fight and compliments her in his head that she is just like he was in his first year. Oracle sends the Batmobile by remote control and Huntress puts him in it. Poison Ivy arrives in a dark street, a voice in the dark ask if it is his half. She says yes and hands it over to him. A while later, Bruce is able to hear Alfred. Bruce's injuries are too big even for him to operate on. Bruce's skull is fractures and has many other injuries. Bruce begins to tap morse code of the operating table, Alfred hears it as Dr. Tommy Elliot a childhood friend of Bruce. Bruce is taken to a hospital and Dick wreaks the Wayne car to fake a car accident. Tommy Elliot arrives from Philpedia, now a world renown surgeon. He operates on Bruce with several other surgeons, Bruce has a brief flash back of both of them playing antique war games, Bruce loses because he can't think like the enemy. Bruce recovers from the head injury and will leave the hospital soon. Later a shadowy figure is reading an article on the accident written by Lois Lane. He crushes the paper and cuts through the Wayne's picture with a sharp object. He declares war so "That we may live in peace".

    Part Two: Beast

    Batman, now recovered, visits Killer Croc in Arkham Asylum. Killer Croc shouts to Batman saying the money was his. Batman ignores him and speaks to the guards. Killer Croc gets mad and shatters the shatterproof glass. He attacks the guards and Batman attacks him only to get a choke hold on his neck. Croc throws him at the guards and escapes through the drainage. Amanda Waller was watching this, she tells Batman he has until midnight to find and interrogate Croc after that the FBI will recapture him and he becomes a federal criminal since Croc had kidnapped the son of a close friend of President Lex Luthor. Batman goes after Croc, Batman was counting on his escape since he had jammed a tracking device on him, he was hoping that it will lead to the person who orchestrated the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Tommy Elliot visits the Wayne Manor. He talks to Alfred and leaves when he finds Bruce gone. Before he leaves he says that Bruce is playing a dangerous game, going out about. Batman has a flashback of a similar night, Tommy comes to visit him during a storm his parents just had a car crash and were near death. Bruce promises to Tommy that his father will save them. Thomas comes out and says Tommy's mother survived but his father had died. Tommy gets angry and punches Bruce, Thomas comforts Tommy and tells Bruce to be quiet despite the fact that Bruce was bleeding. Back in the real world Batman is still on the trail of Croc. Something blows out one of the tires of the Batmobile. The car loses control and crashes into a wall. Batman escapes with no injuries. Killer Croc arrives at a Greenhouse to find Catwoman. Croc believes she has his money and Ivy passed the word to her in Arkham. Catwoman denies of having the money and that Ivy was supposed to meet her there. Croc almost eats Catwoman but Batman ties Croc's jaws with a bat bola, connects it to the grapnel hook and shoots it outside taking Croc with it.

    Batman begins to talk to Croc who says he needed the money to fix himself to, become human again, but before he could go further the FBI arrives and catches Croc. A figure perched on a roof top quotes "All men by nature desires knowledge". Batman turns around to see no one there. A few nights later, Batman meets with Catwoman. She says that she's found Poison Ivy and that she is in Metropolis. Catwoman and Batman have a moment and she kisses for saving her life. After a moment they separate Batman gives her a tracking device. If she finds Ivy first she has to alert him with that. Catwoman then takes off into the night.

    Part Three: Metropolis

    Bruce Wayne goes to Metropolis he remembers a long time ago, when he was a kid, he wanted to come to Metropolis. He has brief flashbacks of him kissing Catwoman. He walks around the airport and several women seem to admire him. Tommy Elliot is there and he calls Bruce. They meet up and talk friend to friend. They talk about the first time they visited Metropolis. Thomas Wayne took them there once Tommy came along when Martha Wayne suggested Bruce could bring a friend. While Bruce and Tommy were waiting for Thomas to come out of the Metropolis hospital, they see Green Lantern ( Alan Scott) fly over them. They both follow him and sees him fighting with Icicle. Tommy gets excited about the battle and wants to follow them, but Bruce suggested they go back. Thomas finds out that both of them had wandered off and the two had to stay at a hotel room the entire time they were in Metropolis. Bruce and Tommy are talking about this in the Limo, Tommy mentions Bruce hadn't given himself enough time to heal, ("You're not Superman, you know"). Tommy also mentions that he had to take a bone chip out of Bruce's skull while operating in him. They arrive at the Daily Planet ("It's always nice to see Lois" Bruce thinking) and Tommy departs for a little walk.

    Bruce enters the Daily Planet and brings a bunch of roses to Lois. Clark and Lois were working on a story and Lois pretends to flirt with Bruce. Bruce asks whether he could use Lois's computer. He establishes a link with Oracle, about a plant called Aztec Gilia according to Oracle it requires ethylene which Lex Corp has bio engineered to withstand temperature changes. Lois secretly read some of that and Perry arrives and talks with Bruce, they both go on away from the newsroom. As for Lois ("So much for flirting with the billionaire playboy to find out what he is really doing here, hope I didn't make you too jealous, Mr Kent"). Clark says that there is another way to find out what Bruce is really doing here, he then pulls on his collar. That night, Batman breaks into Lex Corp tower, now that Lex is the President of the U.S.A, Talia Head is in control of the company. They both talk and Talia ("There is something different about you."). Batman asks her whether anyone in the city had obtained large doses of ethylene. She agrees to give him the information he needs and Batman gets a signal Catwoman had found Poison Ivy.

    Batman and Catwoman meet on an elevated train. Catwoman explains to Batman that she wants to get her revenge on Poison Ivy. She had taken control over her Catwoman's mind and now that she is out of it she wants to make her pay for violating her like that. She then tells Batman that he has to wait his turn when they confront Poison Ivy. At the docks, Poison Ivy is tending her plants, Catwoman comes in still pretending to be under her control but (Poison Ivy: *yesss, ;but I can always tell when someone is pretending!) She slaps Catwoman but she fights back, and cuts a shallow cut on her neck when one of Poison Ivy's vines attacks her, a flying batarang cuts through the vine killing it. Poison Ivy smiles and says she's got her own champion, the building begins to shake (, not here), two hands begins to lift the entire building("not now..:") and turns it over and it falls into the water. (Not HIM) Batman gets up from the rubble, Catwoman is unconscious and Superman stands in front of Batman with Poison Ivy in his arms. He warns Batman: If you come near her, you are going to have to go through me.

    Part 4:Batman vs Superman

    Catwoman wakes up from the rubble then Poison Ivy orders Superman (under her control) to kill them both. Superman uses his heat vision, Batman grabs Catwoman and ducks. The heat vision cuts through Batman's cape and Batman (still holding on to Catwoman) jumps into the water with her. He gives her a breathing mask and Batman presses a button in his belt and jet propellers propel them through the water. Poison Ivy looks down at her plants, all of them were dead. She tells Superman that he killed them and they were like children to her, (*I'm sorry) she smiles and tells Superman that there's one more thing she likes for him to do, she kisses him again to bring him to her control. Batman and Catwoman enter a tunnel accessed through the water and Oracle guides them through the maze. Batman explains that Superman will be back and plants several devices on the wall, and takes out a green kryptonite ring (You don't come to Metropolis, not expecting to meet him). Catwoman agrees to Batman's plan and kisses, she says next time he may not be able to do that. The walls suddenly begin to shake and Catwoman leaves. Superman bursts through the wall and Batman throws the first punch. They both fight and Batman activates a button in his belt and a hypersonic sound wave disrupts Superman's super hearing and gave him a massive headache. Superman fights back freezing Batman's hand . Batman activates the devices only the wall, a blinding light fills the tunnel. As Superman recovers (Clark! I've activated a gas leak, if you used your heat vision you will take out the entire block, and you know what building we are under!) Batman shoots his grapnel, Superman throws another punch but Batman swings away saying he lied about the gas main and Superman ends up hitting a power line. After Batman comes to the surface and melts away the ice on his hand, Superman comes out of the hole, angry, and picks up a truck to crush Batman (Look up, you can either save her or fight me) Superman looks up and sees Catwoman forcefully, taking Lois on a flag pole and she hits Catwoman on the stomach and falls. (C'mon Clark be the boyscout...please*). Superman super speeds into the air and catches Lois, breaking Poison Ivy's spell. (No offense Clark, but you look like hell. Lois). Superman lands on the roof top and so does Batman. He explains about the Poison Ivy's mind control and that her lipstick was laced with kryptonite for her spell to work, Clark knew what he was doing but couldn't control it. They talk about how to catch Poison Ivy and Batman picks up a leaf on Superman and points it to his face and Superman knew what he meant. A while later Poison Ivy is in a rich hotel room with her cash when Batman (it's over Poison Ivy) and she turns to the other side to see Superman now out of her spell, she runs to the door and opens it, only to face Krypto: the Superdog (All the detective work in the world can't beat a Superdog with super smell). Poison Ivy turns around to see Catwoman (Hello, Ivy) and she punches her lights out (Bye, Ivy). The sun begins to rise on Metropolis, Catwoman is with Krypto and Batman is on a gargoyle speaking with Superman. Clark says that Bruce could have hurt Lois, Batman answers that he knew Superman would react as he did.

    Superman: But still, you might have hurt Lois

    Batman: No, I believed in you.

    Superman: All the good work including the JLA.

    Batman: Meaning?

    Superman: (smiles) Always the detective?

    Batman: Ever the boy scout

    Superman: (shakes hand) Thanks now more than ever, I know I gave the ring to the right person.

    Batman: What are friends for?

    A bandaged figure on a distant roof with binoculars: "What are friends for?" Ha Ha Ha

    Part 5: Opera

    Bruce Wayne is back in Gotham and Alfred straightens Bruce's bow tie. He is attending an opera which he doesn't like. Selina Kyle is there too and so is Tommy Elliot and Dr. Leslie Thompkins. They enter the balcony and Tommy helps Leslie to the chair. The show begins and a figure in robes was banging a drum. Bruce and Selina became a bit suspicious then the figure bursts out of the robes and was really Harley Quinn. A gang of masked men come out with guns. Harley leaps acrobatically to the balcony and grabs a necklace Tommy is wearing she then shoots them and jumps away. Tommy goes after Harley, Bruce is missing and Leslie asks what Selina is keeping in her purse since it looks heavy. Tommy has a flashback of both childhood him and Bruce playing Bruce sees the necklace and jokes to dip it in water. Tommy explains that it is mother's necklace. Batman comes in uses a smoke grenade, mace and razor sharp batarangs to stop them. He goes after Quinn, then Catwoman swings in and kicks Harley. They both fight and Catwoman gets seriously injured and falls of the stage prop. Batman catches her on stage and the spectators clap thinking that its all part of the show. Leslie comes on stage with a medical bag telling Batman that she will help her while he goes after Harley. Tommy is still running after Harley but she has already dropped the bag with the necklace. Batman runs after them and finds that they are out of the Opera house. Batman runs through the rain and into an alley way and comes across (No) Tommy's corpse shot dead and the Joker near it with a....gun.

    Batman goes mad and contemplates on killing the Joker this time. He begins to strangle the Joker and meanwhile on the roof a bandaged figure is watching this. The police force arrives at the Opera house with Jim Gordon. He gets a call from the bandaged man telling him to come to the back. Gordon does so and sees Batman strangling him. Gordon stops Batman from doing it and allows the Joker to be sent to Arkham Asylum. Batman deals with Tommy's death and at his funeral Dick asks whether he should reveal his identity to Selina. At Arkham the bandaged figure come in and tears it off revealing it to be a bald Harvey Dent with no scars. He has the Joker released because he believes him to be innocent. At the Batcave, Alfred is tending some of Bruce's injuries and Catwoman is there and she asks about them. She sees a particular one on his chest where their is scratches. Batman (you don't remember?) it was the one she gave to him during their earlier encounters. He then reveals his identity to her.

    *[I haven't read the issue where the events in paragraph 2 takes place, most of them

    are important events mentioned on the internet.]

    Part 6: The Assassins

    It's a dark night over the skies of Metropolis. Lexcorp 1 is making a routine flight out of Metropolis. The Batplane is flying behind it. (Oracle, I'm in position), Batman presses a button and a device comes out and shoots a cable at Lexcorp 1. (Even for you, this is crazy, you got civilians in there Batman) Batman does not listen to her and swings down the rope. Batman thinks about his talk with Lucius about the design in the Lexcorp 1 and how it's similar to the Wayne Tech aircrafts. Batman places a gadgets near the hull and the cabin door opens. The plane begins to de-pressurize and Oracle jams their distress call. The guards confronts Batman who beats them easily. Batman had only seconds left before the cabin door re seals (by then I will have came for.) Talia. She was on the plane and Batman takes her out of the plane and jumps. Batman releases his parachute and Talia asks why he is doing this (Ask your father.). They parachute down into the bat boat. Batman believes it's Ras Al Ghul who is responsible for all that is happening. He has kidnapped Talia to get his attention. Some after midnight, Pete Ross runs into President Lex Luther's office explaining there's been a kidnapping and hijacking on Lexcorp 1. Pete explains that it was Batman and asks whether he wants to take action. Lex smiles and says (Not...yet). Batman returns to the Bat cave leaving Talia elsewhere. He comes in to find a sword embedded on the computer console. Batman picks up the sword and ("If he accompanied by any of his League of Assassins..then") Batman screams Alfred he runs up the stair case and out of the cave. To his relief Alfred was safe, they have a conversation and Alfred suggests that Ra's Al Ghul might want to draw Batman to his homeland and leave something or someone unprotected. Somewhere in Gotham, Catwoman is holding Talia hostage. Talia says she knows about Catwoman and Batman and she can never have him. Catwoman replies she's gone through life without having to have someone. Catwoman was thinking about gagging Talia when Lady Shiva comes in through the window. Catwoman jumps at her only to be kicked back. In North Africa, Ra's Al Ghul is sitting in a desert with a sword. Batman comes there and Ra's claims that he is not responsible for Batman's misfortunes. (You have means opportunity and knowledge only a few possess about my personal life.) Ra's then makes a deal with Batman, if Batman is able to defeat Ra's then he will help him solve his problems however if Ra's wins, Talia is to be released and Batman will be executed. Batman attacks Ra's first and Batman remembers the small pewter war games he used to play with Tommy. Ra's then tells Batman to show his true self. In Gotham City, Jim Gordon is asleep when a noise seems to bother him, suddenly he takes out his gun and (Hands in the air you think you can break into my home...) sees Harvey Dent with plastic surgery. Gordon says it will take more than plastic surgery to make him believe Harvey's changed sides.

    Harvey: Is that it, Jimbo? No second chances?

    Gordon: In your case you've gotten seconds, third and fourth chances and you burned them all.

    Harvey: Okay, I deserved that but I didn't come here tonight for me. It's Bats and he needs our help more than ever.

    Gordon: I heard about the stunt you pulled at Arkham getting the Joker released posing as his attorney.

    Harvey: I had my license reinstated by the state. The Joker was innocent, you know that. The phone call that told you to go there, tell me you didn't recognize my voice?

    Gordon: What the hell do you want?

    Harvey: The gun that killed Tommy Elliot. When it's found it will be traced back to you. It's your service revolver. The one you turned in when you retired. It's all part of a game. The question is how long do you want to play?

    Catwoman and Lady Shiva continue their fight and Shiva matches her move for move and shatters the lenses on Catwoman's mask. She suffers serious injuries and Shiva kicks her into a pile of boxes. Catwoman laid near death and Shiva was about to kill her when, Talia hits her in the head with a chair. Shiva falls unconscious and Talia uses Shiva's grapnel to get out of there. Meanwhile Ra's slashes Batman's arm with with his sword. Ra's says the people who manipulated Batman this way should be commended and once again calls it a game. Batman in a fit of rage declares (This.Is. Not.A.) and slashes Ra's forehead (Game!). Batman stabs Ra's in the side and Ra's falls down defeated. The League of Assassins rises from the sand with guns pointed at Batman, Batman offers Ra's the chance to get to Lazurus Pit then waste time watching Batman fight his Assassins.Without any other option,Ra's agrees and tells Batman that a Lazarus Pit has been tempered with and asks Batman to ask him self "who do you want, back from the dead?". Batman returns to Catwoman's apartment to find her seriously wounded but her life is saved thanks to Talia who had returned moments after she left. Talia tells Batman that she has given Catwoman herbs that will heal her wounds and with that she kisses Batman and leaves.

    Part 7: The Grave

    Back at the Batcave, Alfred is tending to Batman's wounds while Catwoman is shocked and amazed at how many scars and wounds Bruce has. Catwoman then asks Batman about a mark on his chest in which he recalls that Catwoman made it awhile back when she was still in her old costume. After Alfred is done,Catwoman kisses Batman and tells him that "its to make it all better". As Batman walks away after,Catwoman turns to Alfred and asks why does he keep doing it. Alfred then says that it is difficult to say and proceeds to tell Catwoman that her presence here has helped him a lot and although Batman may not say it, thinks the world of her. Catwoman then joins Batman as he fixes his computer system. Batman asks Catwoman whats different when all this started,Catwoman says "us" but before they continue they are interrupted by Robin who engages Catwoman in a fight telling her that she doesn't belong here. Batman stops the fight and reveals to Robin that he brought her here and that she knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Catwoman then leaves the cave as she does not want to trip any of Batman's strings/connections. She then takes one of the motorcycles and leaves out of the cave. After she is gone, it is revealed that the fight was staged and that Robin had already known about Batman's decision and the fight was done to see if he could truly trust Catwoman. As Catwoman arrives in Gotham, she meets Huntress who quickly engages in a battle with her seeing Catwoman as her Helena Wayne counterpart. Batman and Robin watch the fight from afar and Batman leaves Robin to assist Catwoman. As Batman leaves, Robin is knocked out from behind. Batman throws Catwoman an injection needle to sedate Huntress who upon being injected is unconscious. Batman and Catwoman are then attacked by The Scarecrow who rides on Huntress motorcycle. Batman leaps on top of it and The Scarecrow crashes into a grave yard. Batman then beats Scarecrow who is shocked that his fear gas did not work saying Batman had been effected by another but before he can finished he is knocked out by a batarang coming from the figure who knocked out Robin and now has him hostage. The figure then cuts the bandages of his face and reveals him self to be Jason Todd.

    Part 8: The Game

    Batman is shocked to see an alive Jason Todd who is also holding Robin as a hostage. As Jason is threatening the life of Robin, Catwoman arrives and binds Jason's hands with her whip allowing Robin to escape. In a heartbeat Batman engages Jason in battle, after being knocked down Batman stabs Jason in the leg with a batarang and Jason starts to bleed. Jason then attempts to escape and flips over Batman but Batman launches his grapple and soon follows. Catwoman also attempts to follow but is stopped by Robin who says he needs to this alone. Catwoman then reminds Robin of what Batman's like when hes angry and what if Jason turns out to be fake. Over the top of a building, Batman has Jason at the ledge and continues to punch him and eventually it is revealed that the Jason Todd is really Clayface in disguise. Clayface who is beaten and unable to hold his form melts down from the bulding above. Robin arrives and asks Batman how he knew in which Batman explained that the imposter never called him Bruce which would have confirmed it and that while he was standing on the grave there was clay beneath him. Catwoman then arrives and apologizes that it wasn't Jason in which he replies he wished it was because the people who are responsible are still out there. Batman goes to Oracle's clock tower where she reveals that there a subliminal message planted in his computer to call Thomas Elliot when he had seriously wounded him self. Batman then figures out who could have access to the bat cave and put the message there. Batman with the help of Oracle tracks down Harold who was Batman's old mechanic and helped him with alot of his equipment. As Batman confronts Harold it is revealed that Harold is no longer mute. Harold has reluctantly betrayed Batman wanting to have the ability to talk and have the chance to be happy, discovering this Batman forgives Harold telling him that Happiness can be a powerful thing to exploit. Batman then asks Harold who did this to him but before Harold can answer he is shot in the head. Batman turns around to see a Bandaged covered man similar to the disguise Jason Todd was wearing at the grave before. The bandaged covered man quotes Aristotle saying "What is a friend? a single soul dwelling in two bodies?"

    Part 9:The End

    As Batman craddle's Harold dead body in the pouring rain the masked bandaged figure who is referred to as Hush holds Batman at gun point. Hush begins to shoot at Batman but Batman avoids the bullets by using his grapple to go upwards. Batman throws several batarangs at Hush but Hush is able to shoot all of them and Batman suspects that he could have been trained by Deadshot. As Batman uses his grapple again to swing to the side, Hush is able to shoot the line causing Batman to fall. Batman lifts him self up and glides towards Hush position and kicks him directly at the face saying "the game ends here tonight". Batman begins to punch Hush in the face and finds his friend Tommy Elliot's jade pendant that Tommy's mother gave him to him as a child around Hushes neck. Hush smacks Batman in the face with the handle on his gun and recounts to him the story in which Tommy and Bruce were just kids and Bruce took it as a joke. Tommy got mad and beat Bruce up yelling "Give it back". Hush then strangles Batman on the floor, Batman who is tired of all the deceptions reaches for Hushes mask but Hush smacks his hands saying "you don't get to peek yet". Batman kicks Hush off of him and yells "Why hide your face??". Hush then recounts the story of how Tommy Elliots parents died on a bridge similar to the one their standing on when their car breaks didnt work and they died in a car crash. Thomas Wayne who was Batman's father had saved Tommys mother but not his father. Batman attacks Hush saying that Thomas Wayne did everything he could to save him, Hush tells him to stick a needle (a line that Bruce and Tommy use to say to each other as kids). As Batman punches Hush again, he asks Hush if his motive all this time was to exact revenge on him for his father failing to save Tommy's father. Hush reveals that that was not his motive, instead he wanted to exact revenge because he envied all the weatlth Bruce had and wanted it all for him self. He reveals that the night his parents died, it was Tommy who severed their break lines causing them to be involved the car crash. Hush wanted revenge not because Batman's father had failed to save his father but because he prevented the death of his mother. Tommy had to wait for his mother to die years later of cancer before he could get their wealth. Batman who is distracted by the story is unable to dodge an explosion from behind him caused by a bomb planted by Hush on the Batmobile while Batman was distracted with Harold. As Hush is about to kill Batman, Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordan arrive. Hush is suprised to see Harvey and yells about an agreement they made but Harvey responds by shooting Hush twice causing him to fall of the bridge. Batman dives in after him but doesn't find anything. Batman climbs back onto the bridge where Harvey reveals that hes no longer Two-Face. Harvey also reveals that Hush is definitely Tommy Elliot and the one who was shot by Joker was really Clayface. Harvey also reveals that his surgery was done by Tommy Elliot in exchange for shooting the Clayface disguised as him. Two weeks later Catwoman finds Huntress and tells her that Tommy Elliot is dead again in which she replies "good....bastard". Back at the Batcave, Superman and Batman meet where Superman tells him that he didnt find anything in the rivers. Batman then asks Superman to use his microscopic vision on him and Superman finds a chip implanted in Batman at the base of his skull. Batman then tells Superman to burn it. After that, Batman goes to Arkhum Asylum to meet with the Riddler.

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