Huntsman of Zeus

    Character » Huntsman of Zeus appears in 19 issues.

    It's unclear whether the Huntsman of Zeus, who could hunt down Olympians for Zeus and summon mythological beings using his staff, was human or Olympian God in origin. He lost against The Champions.

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    The Huntsman was created centuries ago.

    The Huntsman's staff was powered by Zeus and was the source of all of his powers. In order to summon mythological beings, the Huntsman must speak in rhyme.

    His staff gave him the ability to summon/create mythological beings like a Titan or army of Pluto, duplicate such minions, generate illusions, project bursts of energy, travel between the dimensions of Earth and Olympus, and drain the power of an Olympian upon contact with an Olympian.

    His staff also granted him superhuman strength and durability, which would dissipate if his staff was removed from him. His staff would revert to a normal wooden staff in this case.

    He could fly on a mystic flame when he powered up his staff to a firey form.

    Olympians are more susceptible to the Huntsman than are others.


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