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Helena Bertinelli / Helena Wayne
Helena Bertinelli / Helena Wayne

This page is for the 1st Huntress, Helena Wayne.

Note: Helena Wayne has used the name Helena Bertinelli as an alias at one point (confusing, but true).

Helena was also the Robin of Earth 2, though many others have also taken on the mantle of Robin.

1st Robin= Dick Grayson. 2nd Robin= Jason Todd. 3rd Robin= Tim Drake. 4th Robin= Stephanie Brown. 5th Robin= Damian Wayne. 6th Robin= Carrie Kelley. Dead Earth Robin= Tris Plover. Thrillkiller Robin= Barbara Gordon. Reign of Terror Robin= Rochelle Wayne.

Current Events

Worlds Finest - Helena along with Powergirl have successfully returned to Earth-2. They where shocked to see it has been invaded by the armies of Darkseid. They are currently in an engagement with them trying to link up with The Worlds Army. See Worlds Finest written by Paul Levitz.


Helena Wayne
Helena Wayne

With the introduction of Barry Allen in 1956 the DC universe was essentially fractured into two separate worlds, with the golden age heroes inhabiting Earth-2 and the modern heroes inhabiting Earth -1. Stories were still told somewhat contemporarily though, so that the heroes of Earth-2 were 20 years or so older than the heroes of Earth-1. For some characters this was not an issue, but for some such as Batman, he was forced to grow old. In order to keep a presence on Earth-2 for contemporary stories it was decided to have a character that would be the heir to tradition and Helena Wayne was created, as the daughter of the golden age Batman and Catwoman.


The bronze age Huntress was created by Paul Levitz, Bob Layton and Joe Staton and her first appearance was in both DC Super Stars #17 in 1977 and All Star Comics #69. Both issues were released on the exact same day.

Her first appearance in over 20 years and first in the post Crisis on Infinite Earths DC continuity was in the Huntress mini-series in 2011.

Character Evolution

Silver-Age / Earth-2

Huntress II (Earth-2)
Huntress II (Earth-2)

The silver age character was based in Earth-2 which mostly had an atmosphere more closely related to the nostalgic atmosphere of the golden age. Combined with the stories already being set in the silver age this made them have a more innocent quality.

Nonetheless during this time the story took on some darker tones, especially during the backup stories which ran in volume 1 of Wonder Woman. She also joined the Justice Society of America at this time and became close friends with Power Girl.

This version of the character ceased to exist after Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which she died saving the lives of a group of children.

Post-52 / Earth-2

Huntress II (Earth-2)
Huntress II (Earth-2)

After the 52 event, where the multiverse is restore. A new version of Earth-2, where Justice Society of America and Infinity, Inc merge into the Justice Society Infinity. In Justice Society of America: Annual #1, Power Girl of New Earth is sent to this world by Gog. Power Girl encounters this world Helena, who's has the same origin as the Silver Age Helena.

Post-Flashpoint / Earth 2

Huntress (Earth 2)
Huntress (Earth 2)

In the New 52, Helena Wayne is reintroduced after twenty years later on Earth-2 in the new DC Continuity. Helena's origin as Batman and Catwoman's daughter remains intact. and she maintained some ties to the Bertinelli version of the character, displaying a willingness to use more brutal tactics in her way. Before Helena become Huntress on this Earth, Helena was Robin of Earth-2.

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age / Earth-2:

The Adventures Helena Wayne


Outside of her adventures in the silver age Justice Society, Helena also appeared somewhat regularly in volume 1 of Wonder Woman as the lead character in the backup story. For the time these stories were a bit more edgy as they involved such topics as torture and kidnapping. Her most dangerous enemy at the time was a villain named the Earthworm. She also occasionally met with characters from the golden age Gotham era, including the golden age Dick Grayson (who had never become Nightwing.)

Power Trip

In JSA Classified #4, The Psycho Pirate is holding Power Girl hostage in an attempt to force her to remember her past on Earth-2, Psycho Pirate uses his mask to create illusions of Sliver Age Earth-2 Robin and Huntress to terrify Power Girl.


Batman as Huntress
Batman as Huntress

In Superman/Batman #27, Power Girl remember a time when Sliver Age Earth-2 Superman and Batman are lured into a trap at the Metropolis Zoo. The Ultra-Humanite has placed himself into the body of a gorilla there by using Brainwave and successfully works it so Batman and Superman switch bodies with The Huntress and Power Girl. Power Girl and Huntress minds are sub press, while Batman and Superman have control of their bodies. But Batman begins to feel Huntress mind slow slipping away, so they manage to track down The Ultra-Humanite and switch bodies each other bodies back just in time. Superman and Batman don't remember what had happened, but the ladies do.

Post-Flashpoint / Earth-2:

A New World

Huntress takes on the mafia
Huntress takes on the mafia

In a further allusion to her Post-Crisis version as Helena Bertinelli, the Helena's first mission as portrayed in the Post New 52 DC Universe is to hunt down Mafia members in Italy. She was able to defeat the Mafia, when she was leaving Italy, with a bounty, her best friend Power Girl swooped in to get her to the plane. Power Girl inferred they have had an interesting year on the Earth, alluding and finally concluding in the last panel they are from another alternate Earth.

Worlds' Finest

Helena as Robin
Helena as Robin

It is revealed that Helena Wayne was stranded on Earth-0, along with her best friend Power Girl. Her origin was tweaked, where on Earth-2, in her childhood she served in her father's war on crime as Robin. At the climax of war between the heroes of Earth-2 and Apokolips, she and Earth-2's Supergirl fell into a Boom Tube and landed on Earth-0. After realizing they were on a parallel Earth, Helena used her knowledge of the workings of Wayne Enterprises to steal money from father's doppelganger to help the two establish lives there. After their search for a way home bore no fruit, Helena gave up and decided to focus on making do with their situation. Kara refused to give up hope of returning home, so the two decided to follow two separate paths. Kara would go on to build a R&D company and live as the public figure Karen Starr, using her company's resources to try creating a way back to Earth-2. Helena chose to travel around the world, using safe houses and numerous false identities to avoid detection, including one of supposedly deceased Mafia daughter Helena Bertinelli. Never staying in one place for long, Helena periodically stole money from Wayne Enterprises to gather the resources needed to fight against the criminal underworld as the vigilante Huntress.

After a touch and go start as a solo vigilante, Helena established Huntress as a nightmare among the criminal underworld. Five years after their arrival, Kara made real progress toward creating a way home after exploiting her relationship with Mr. Terrific to steal data on a device that could create a portal to Earth-2. Despite the good news, Helena remained skeptical. Between her pragmatic nature and her hesitance at returning to her war-torn world, she refused to get her hopes up. Helena's lack of hope worked to her advantage when Karen's device was destroyed by radioactive villain Hakkou. Though they were able to stop Hakkou's rampage, they lost yet another way home.

Eventually, Helena was caught stealing from her father's company by Earth-0's Robin. Quickly deducing she was somehow connected to Batman, Helena was forced to tell him the truth about Earth-2. However, it turns out that while Helena was stealing, Damian's trail was actually leading to another thief. Huntress and Robin decided to team up to catch the other thief, and upon success, Helena swore Damian to secrecy about her existence.

After several other adventures with Power Girl, Helena's world was rocked when someone began attacking her safe-houses around the world. At the same time, someone disguised as Michael Holt began completely took over Kara's company. Realizing the two events were related, the two began tracking the perpetrator. Their search led to the Apokoliptan Desaad, who was stranded on Earth-0 in the same incident that brought them there. After being made, things escalated when Desaad began using his troops to attack Kara's labs around the world and raze more of Helena's safe-houses. Their war ceased when Kara got her company back and used the resources to create a machine that could open a portal to Earth-2. After taking a day to enjoy their temporary home and settle their affairs, the two used the device to return to Earth-2. Upon their return, the two find an impostor posing as Superman and leading the Apokolips armies to take over the world. Only with the help of Val-Zod, Kara's childhood friend, would the truth be revealed.


  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Unarmed Combat: As with the majority of Gotham City based heroes, Helena is a normal human who relies on her training and intelligence. She is an above Olympic level athlete, who excels in acrobatics and gymnastics and is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Intellect: She is also highly skilled as a detective and employs a multitude of items of a highly technological nature very similar to Batman.
  • Weapons Master: Her weapon of choice is a crossbow, though it is not always used offensively.

Live Action Series/Films

Birds of Prey (2002)

Huntress (Birds of Prey)
Huntress (Birds of Prey)

Helena Wayne (alternatively named Helena Kyle) appears in the short lived Birds of Prey series. She is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. She worked with Oracle and Black Canary to fight crime in Gotham City as the Birds of Prey. However, this version possessed low-level superpowers, including enhanced strength and agility.


Legends of The Superheroes (1979)

Huntress appeared in the NBC TV specials as part of the Super-Friends. She was portrayed by Barbara Joyce.

Popular Recognition

Helena Wayne as the Huntress was ranked 42nd in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.

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