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Hunter, or Mgalekgolo
Hunter, or Mgalekgolo

Hunters have consistently shown in Halo video games, graphic novels, novels, movies, and toys & collectibles. They appear in Halo 4, and do battle against UNSC forces and Master Chief, siding with the Didact/Forerunners/Prometheans.

The behavior of the Hunters is as alien to the Covenant as they are to the humans. Hunters enjoy battle and are not to work themselves into a frenzy and rip foes limb from limb. After that they hav ebeen witnessed reading poetry to their fallen foes. Hunters do not interact with any of the other Covenant races deeming them unworthy for battle or conversation. The only exception are the Elites who the Hunters respect for there battle prowess and honor. Elites were willing to fight Hunters during the intial "Taming" to yearn the prize which the Hunters respect. On the other hand Hunters detest the Prophets for using orbital bomardment to force their surrender. Hunters always come in pairs know as bond brothers and these pairs are unbreakable. If one Hunter is killed his bond brother will go into as frenzy and try to kill whoever killed his friend. This hides the Hunters true desire to die with its brother.


Hunters are the human term for the Covenant Mgalekgolo. This species was a real problem for the Covenant in the early days. There homewrold had vital resources neeed by the fledgling empire so the Elites took to ground assualt against the behemoths. This proved futile as Hunters are incredibly tough opponents and even killed the current Arbiter. Once the ground assualt was unsuccesful the Covenant Prophets turned to orbital bombardment. this attack was effective since Hunters had not developed a defense for orbital strikes. Hunters were added as the newest members of the Covenant in an event later known as the taming of the Hunters.

While Hunters seem to be the biggest, most solid aliens within the Covenant armada they are actually a collection of worms known as Lekgolo. These worms converge to increase their intelligence, strength, and manuverability. Once formed inside the Hunter armor the worms are considered the most powerful of the Covenant forces, making Brutes look like Grunts when their strength level was compared. When a Brute can overturn a jeep, a Hunter can send it flying.

Powers & Abilities

Technology - The main piece of technology used by the Hunters are their Fuel Rod Cannons that make up their right arm. These cannons fire a deadly stream of the same irradiated material used in the smaller Fuel Rod Cannons typically held by Elites or high ranking Grunts. This weapon partnered with a tower shield for defense give Hunters amazing offense and defense.

Strength - Pre-Beserker, Hunters are extremely tough and are significantly stronger than any Spartan. They have also been shown in (graphic) novels and video games alike to be able to flip Scorpions (tanks) with relative ease.

Beserker Strength - Hunters will go into a berserker state if their "bond brother" is killed. Hunters resort to melee attacks to kill the enemy. They are even stronger than before, but more reckless.

Durability - Hunters have been shown to take great damage before falling in battle. Hunters have been observed surviving a direct hit from a SPARTAN Laser which can destroy Covenant fighters, ground transports, and turrets in one hit. The armor the Hunter wears not only increases its durability, it contains the many worm like creatures that make up the Hunters body giving it form and a weapon.


Golden Hunters/Mgalekgolo, as shown in Halo 3 : ODST
Golden Hunters/Mgalekgolo, as shown in Halo 3 : ODST

Unlike any other Covenant species, Hunters have no rank(s). They are almost all equal. However, there have been Golden Hunters (Hunters with Golden Armor) and are supposedly tougher than Blue Hunters.

Physical Appearance

Hunters are not a single organism, but rather are composed of multiple small, orange, worm-like beings called Lekgolo, that form a single collective consciousness and act as one, a single "hive-mind", similar to the structure of operation in the Flood. In other words they are a communal organism working together to perform specific tasks. Mgalekgolo are capable of manifesting in several different iterations according to what goal they are striving to achieve and the amount of Lekgolo worms that are present. The Mgalekgolo is the most common form seen in combat during the Human-Covenant-Flood war, but is actually one of the more rare forms in the Lekgolo society


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Famous Hunters

Igido Nosa Hurru- Hunter assinged guard duty in the map room of Instillation 04. Was killed by Master Chief when shot a rocket through his head, decapitating him.

Ogada Nosa Fasu - Hunter assinged to guard duty in the map room of Instillation 04. He was killed when Master Chief hit him in the chest with a rocket that blew enough of his worms out of his body to kill him.

Paruto Xida Konna- Hunter that lead the charge during the Battle of Onyx. Despite being injured he was able to make it to the final room where he was killed when Kurt-051 detonated FENRIS nuclear wareheads.

Waruna Xida Yotno- The bond brother to Paruto. This Hunter was also apart of the Battle of Onyx. Just like hsi brother he was killed when the FENRIS wareheads detonated


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