Hunters Association

    Team » Hunters Association appears in 83 issues.

    The Hunters Association is a fictional global organization appearing in the Japanese manga series Hunter × Hunter. The Hunters Association is responsible for the testing and licensing of "Hunters," a person that has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity.

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    Types of Hunters

    Archaeological Hunters

    Beast Hunters

    Blacklist Hunters

    • Binolt
    • Bushidora Ambitious
    • Kurapika
    • Lippo
    • Podungo Lapoy
    • Seaquant

    Contract Hunters

    • Banana Kavaro
    • Kite
    • Lin Koshi
    • Monta Yuras
    • Spinner Clow
    • Stick Dinner

    Crime Hunters

    • Mizaistom Nana

    Gourmet Hunters

    • Buhara
    • Menchi
    • Rinne Hors-d'oeuvre

    Hacker Hunters

    • Ickshonpay Kaztouger

    Head Hunters

    • Teradain Neutral

    Information Hunters

    Jackpot Hunters

    • Goreinu
    • Tsezguerra

    Lost Hunters

    • Lupe Highland

    Music Hunters

    • Melody

    Sea Hunters

    • Morel McCarnathy

    Temp Hunters

    Treasure Hunters

    • Biscuit Krueger

    Trouble Hunters

    • Saccho Kobayakawa

    Virus Hunters

    • St. Bika Norton

    Youth and Beauty Hunters

    • Cutie Beauty

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