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    Hunter is a student at Morning Glory Academy who hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The designated "Nerd" of the group, Hunter enjoys comic books and is known for making obscure references from sources of entertainment that are often lost on his peers.

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    Hunter is portrayed as the typical nerd who is uncoordinated, enjoys videogames and comic books, and is met with limited success with the opposite sex. He possesses esoteric knowledge on comic books and video games which he displays frequently in the form of references, even referencing Grant Morrison, that may come at inopportune moments. He seems to have a low level of confidence in himself which leads to issues with asserting his opinion at times. Although, on at least one occasion he has shown flashes of a temper and has lashed out at those who have angered him. Despite this Hunter possesses an innate goodness about him and is friendly towards those he cares about.

    Perhaps one of the most important aspects of his personality is his peculiar relationship with time. Whenever Hunter has an urgent appointment that he must attend clocks will invariably read 8:13 no matter the actual time. This has caused him to be late for crucial events such as work, class and even caused him to miss his mother's funeral. This of course has been a source of frustration in Hunter's life and something he struggles to overcome. In conclusion, Hunter can be categorized as the "underdog" of the series who has yet to realize his full potential due to his own misplaced preceptions of himself or those around him.

    Before the Academy

    Chronologically, Hunter's earliest appearance was six years ago when he was stopped from running in front of a truck by Abraham. He pleaded with the man to let him go as he was late meeting his father. Abraham warns him against running blindly into the street and gives him a watch. He asks Hunter what time it is and Hunter answers "8:13". Abraham lets him keep the watch on the condition that he promises that he will always watch where he is going from now on.

    Several years later Hunter can be seen racing frantically away from his school and crashes into a girl takes to being distracted by an acquaitance. He hurriedly gathers himself and eventually arrives at the hospital. It is revealed that his mother is the one he was in such a rush to visit. Hunter sits and talks to his mother about his day, but she eventually directs the conversation towards the application to a Morning Glories Academy. Hunter feels that it is not ready yet while his mother feels otherwise. Hunter argues that the school would not be a right fit for him on account of how "normal" he is. Naturally, his mother feels he would do find but Hunter is still hesistant. Hunter's lack of faith in himself eventually causes his mother to reprimand him although this seems to aggravate her condition.

    Hunter calms her down and suggests they watch tv while he promises to send in the application tomorrow. His mother falls asleep leaving Hunter to watch a talk show while he holds her hand. He too falls asleep until he hears the voice of the guest on the talk show, a woman with short black hair who ends her speech with the words, "Time to stop running" while looking directly at the camera perhaps even at Hunter.

    Suddenly, his mother's heart monitor begins to beep loudly which causes Hunter concern. A nurse escorts him outside the room while doctors attend to his mother. He seemed to be in a state of shock evident from the glazed over look he bore. It is presumed his mother dies after this and Hunter misses her funeral due to his issue with time. This stresses the relationship with his father as a result. He visits her grave and vents his frustration with his problem and reveals that he has been accepted into Morning Glories Academy.

    Some time later Hunter talks to his gym teacher, Travis Mackey, about his problem as it continues to give him problems. Mackey however tells him that he can't actually help him and refers him to a GP. The doctor does a check up but finds nothing out of the ordinary yet still refers him to a specialist. Hunter makes him promise that his Dad won't find out about this. Hunter next undergoes an MRI and the brain scans astound his doctor. However she is threatened at gunpoint by an unknown figure to keep the reports confidential and to tell Hunter that everything is normal and that he should speak to a therapist.

    The therapist's counsel does not help his problem however only revealing that he has no problem telling the time on drawn clocks.

    Hunter is next seen instructing his step brother Andy,who calls him Uncle Hunter, on videogames. His father arrives to tell him that he must go. Before he leaves Hunter tells his brother that he left him Grant Morrison comics under his bed. He says farewell to his father who doesn't seem notice him leave

    In the Academy

    Hunter, like the other Glories, is knocked unconscious on the drive to the Academy. He is present in the orientation room with Ike, Zoe, Jun, and Jade as Casey arrives last. He expresses his concern with Zoe when the image of a goat being slaughtered flashes across the screen. She however rebukes him quite coldly. After this he quickly befriends Jun who tells him to stay close if anything goes wrong.

    Followig this Hunter is walking through the halls with his head down and runs into Casey. The two headbutt one another as they try to reach their papers. This meeting seems to endear Casey to him because after he mentions to Ike, who was watching, that he thinks he just fell in love. He is unpacking when Casey bursts into the room and asks if it is his birthay to which he answers in the affirmative. Once she turns and leaves he pokes his head out the door as he demurely asks if she would like him to come with her.

    Later that night he is woken by Ike who wants to peep on girls. Instead, the two come across a strange ritual in the lower levels of the school with men dressed in hooded robes. He attempts to take a picture with his iPhone, but Ike knocks it from his hands alerting the cultists to their presence. One of them turns out to be Mr. Gribbs unfortunately. The next time they appear they are both in detention with the other new entries.


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