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Hunter was originally one of Alex Wilder's friends who played a Marvel heroes based M.M.O.R.P.G. with Lotus, Oscar and Stretch where Hunter played as the Hulk.  Although they had never met in person he did not believe that Alex was a minor claiming that "no kid types sentences as complete as [his]".  In person Hunter had a big nose and long dark hair, which he would always hide his eyes behind.  He was a fan of super heroes and often wore t-shirts with a heroic logo on such as Wonder Man's red W or the Punisher's white skull.

The Pride

When Hunter, Lotus, Oscar and Stretch had begun to meet in person on a regular basis.  When they wondered why Alex had suddenly disappeared Hunter confessed that he knew why.  He had hacked into Alex's account and discovered a journal.  Reading Alex's warped point of view, the four friends believed that Alex's parents were super heroes and set out to help resurrect their friend using the black magic spells within The Abstract.  However, instead of saving the life of Alex Wilder, they brought forth a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder from 1985; a younger version of Alex's father before Alex had even been conceived.  

Wilder gave the young friends a portion of the powers that their predecessors had possessed, and created a new incarnation of his team; The Pride.  Hunter opted to weird automatic weapons instead of mystical powers.  He aided Wilder in kidnapping Molly Hayes, believing that they were liberating her.  Although the new Pride had caused chaos among the runaways, Hunter andhis friends were ultimately disabled and rebuked by Victor Mancha.

Later, when it was revealed that they had been manipulated by Wilder and aided in his attempts to murder Nico Minoru, and therefore by proxy had aided in the murder of Gertude Yorkes.  The new Pride disbanded.  Hunter later joined the Peace Corps in an effort to make amends for what he had done.

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