Hunter O'Nion

    Character » Hunter O'Nion appears in 29 issues.

    He runs a website about some strange mechanoids

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    Transformers Infiltration:

    Hunter picks up a hitch hiker Verity Carlo while he's traveling in the pursuit of giant robots. When he stops to help out at a bus accident him and Verity are attacked by some Decepticons. While being attacked he and Verity are saved by a strange man in an ambulance. He references the dig site that Shockwave was found in as his proof to Veirty that The Robots are real and here on earth.

    While Hunter and Verity try to understand what has happened they are attacked again but by two cars. They have no idea why. Ratchet, the mysterious man who saved them, does what he can to keep them safe. But after finally getting the Decepticons off their tails he has been damages. Verity uses her handheld device to contact a friend who can help repair the ambulance.

    When Verity is eating and relaxing at her friend's Jimmy Pink's garage Hunter takes her handheld computer and finds images of the robots he thought excisted and learns that Verity actually stole the computer from a guy on the bus she had been on. This causes a big argument among the group and Verity leaves only to return quickly because she finds the Decpeticons who had been following them. The Decepticons transform into their robot mode and Ratchet is forced to admit the truth that he to is a robot in disguise.

    Ratchet meets up with the other Autobots to share his recent encounters. Hunter and the others are locked up until Prowl can decide how to keep them safe and punish Ratchet for breaking the rules of the Autobots. Ratchet knows something serious is going down with the Decpeticons because they have entered siege mode. He frees the humans and they offer to help find evidence at the abandoned Decepticon base. Bumblebee over hears the conversation and offers his help to Ratchet and the humans.

    Hunter Verity and Jimmy all go into the Decepticon base to find evidence. Hunter keeps communications up with his group. Soon after getting in the base it is attacked by Blitzwing and Skywarp. Hunter does his best to get the group out but Verity refuses insisiting that she has found something. She ends up finding Megatron in the ship. As they are escaping Jimmy and Hunter are worried about Verity and as the ground is caving in Hunter sees Verity climbing out of the hole. He using the help of Bumblebee is able to save Verity. Bumble bee stays behind waiting for the rest of the autobots to come help, but Ratchet and the humans head back to base. When the rest of the team gets back from witnessing the coup Starscream attempted to pull over on Megatron they find that the Hunter and his friends are still at the base and that Optimus Prime has come to help his Autobots.


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