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    Huntarr is a human who was transformed by Baron Karza in order to destroy the Micronauts. In fact, he joins them to avenge his dreadful new apparence.

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    Huntarr was born Iann-23 in the lower slums of Homeworld. He was raised by his mother Seelia-23 along with his beloved little sister Janna-23. He never met his father. He was recruited as a dog soldier before Iann was even born. By the time he was 12-years-old, Iann had become a young criminal. Partly trying to scrape up enough for himself and his family to survive, partly trying to rebel against Batron Karza's regime in minor ways, such as vandalizing. He was pleased to learn that even the "loyal" Dog Soldiers could secretly laugh at their master. Life wasn't easy and he witnessed many friends killed or arrested over the years. 

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting the Micronauts

    He later earned a living as a slave and occassional male prostitute. One day he was lucky enough to steal the credits of an affluent would-be customer. He believed there would be enough to buy food for his whole family. However the Dog Soldiers soon arrived at his house. Partly to arrest him, partly to recruit him into military service. Iann managed to escape them, but his mother and sister were arrested instead. When eventually arrested himself, he was mutated to a living weapon:Huntarr. his role was to hunt down and kill the Micronauts. His main motivation was the hope that loyal service would result in the restoration of his original appearance.  
    His original mission didn't go well. He followed the Micronauts to Earth and was successful in damaging their ship. But they ended up in the X-Men's Danger Room. With all his powers, Huntarr had trouble facing the giant (by Microverse standards) Nightcrawler and all the weaponry of the Room. He was still trapped inside it as his enemies escaped. He was later seen back in the Microverse, with the Force Commander/Argon sending him for further mutation.  
    In "Micronauts" vol. 1 #47-48 (November-December, 1982), Marionette infiltrated the weather tower of Homeworld, planning to cause a storm and disrupt the wedding of Force Commander and Slug. She found the Tower guarded by Huntarr and engaged each other in combat. While Huntarr used powerful attacks against her, she was agile enough to avoid them. The stray shots ended up damaging the Tower and its equipment. In effect the guard had damaged whatevber he was assigned to protect. Marionette then offered him a choice, either remain loyal and face whatever punishment is coming to him or join the Micronauts and the rebel forces. He chose the latter.  
    Huntarr proved a valuable addition to the ranks duing their last fights against Baron Karza ("Micronauts" vol. 1 #49-58 - January, 1983 - May, 1984). However the conflict left Howeworld severely damaged and Huntarr was sad that their next missions would take them further and further away from his homeplanet. "Micronauts" vol. 2 #1 (October, 1984) established that Huntarr had personal reasons for feeling grief. The final battles had mostly destroyed Baron Karza's Body Banks. Which were the only hope for Huntarr ever returning to human form.  
    However, the Micronauts had little time to contemplate their losses. They found the entire Microverse and its planets dying and their second volume was a long quest to restore it to life. Huntarr was among several Micronauts who gave their lives to create new planets, new lifeforms and the effective rebirth of the Microverse. he was only happy to do so, feeling finally free. 


    Huntarr was able to morph any part of his body to an offensive or defensive weapon, adapting to the needs of any situation. Known uses of his powers were the creation of bio-shields, massive hammers, projectile weapons, energy beams, sonic screams and scanning equipment.His feet generated plasma blasts, enabling him to fly and travel in space at high speeds. He also projected his own light. His malleable form allowed him to encase opponents in a cocoon-like form. He also used this ability to take raft-like forms and float on water. He had no need food, water or air to survive. He had enhanced human strength. His durability, healing factor and stamina were all superhuman. 
    During the quest for the restoration of the Microverse, Huntarr was further mutated and gained new powers. They included an ability to morph into new forms, not necessarily weapon-like. He thus acquired visible tendrils, fanged teeth and bone claws. He could access electrical systems and was now able to heal others, not only his own body as before. He was able to use his tendrils to help Marionette walk, and could also use them to scan a ship for its energy and history.  His sensor systems improved. He also demonstrated an ability to interact the brains of the long diseased, in the process gaining information and and an understanding of their languages.  
    In his final days, Huntarr evolved enough to be able to restore others to life and enhance them. The Beyonder granted him the gift of shifting to human form at will, both to an adult and a child form. But by then Huntarr was heading for his self-sacrifice and had little use for either form.  
    Besides mutating Huntarr's body, Force Commander added a few knowledge-related skills to his mind. They included basic knowledge of shipboard systems and mastery of all computer systems.




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