Character » Huntara appears in 55 issues.

    An alternate timeline aunt of Psi-Lord and half-sister of Reed Richcards. Her scythe opens dimensional gateways.

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    Huntara is one of the various children of Nathaniel Richards, an inventor that has been traveled to several timelines and dimensions. Tara is a half-sister to Mr. Fantastic. She was trained by Warlord Kargul of Elsewhen to be a warrior. She had intensive training in hand-to-hand combat and various forms of weaponry. However her weapon of choice is Psionic Scythe. It is actually her thought given solid form. As well as a melee weapon, the Scythe causes psychic damage and doubles as a teleportation device.

    Huntara served for a while as a "guardian of the sacred timestreams" but later timetraveled to find her nephew Psi-Lord. She thought the Fantastic Four has corrupted him. She briefly served as a member of the Frightful Four, holding her own against the Fantastic Four, Avengers and Daredevil. This was a modified Frightful Four that did not contain the Wizard. During the battle, she sliced Mr. Fantastic with her Pscionic Scythe and hurt him badly. She later joined Psi-Lord in battle against Dark Raider, archenemy of Kargul. They found out he was an alternate version of Reed and managed to incapacitate him. Uatu the Watcher then offered the killing blow. With the death of the Raider there was no immediate threat to Elsewhen left.

    Huntara moved with Psi-Lord and they both joined Fantastic Force. The group disbanded during the Onslaught crisis and her subsequent whereabouts are unknown.


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