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As a young woman Sally moved to the Hollows, a town populated entirely by human-sized flies. She met and married one fly, and was impregnated by him. She gave birth to dozens of maggots, which chewed their way out through her back and left her forever hollowed out. Apparently unaware of the strange horror of her life or condition, she was distressed by her lack of affection for her horrid brood, and ultimately divorced her fly husband to spare him the shame. She left the Hollows, and wandered for some time before finally stumbling on The House of Mystery


Sally was created by Lilah Sturges, Bill Willingham, and Luca Rossi. She made her first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Entering the House of Mystery, Sally becomes one of the regulars. She is given a seat against a wall.

Powers and Abilities

Sally is completely hollowed out internally, and does not appear to require her internal organs, though she feels a constant hunger. She appears to be some kind of ghost, perhaps hearkening to the idea of the "hungry ghost," or she may be undead.


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