Character » Hunger appears in 10 issues.

    An emaciated Cenobite renowned for his sheer ruthlessness in collecting souls. He takes great pleasure in his torturous tasks. True to his name, he's always hungry for more.

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    Powers & Abilities

    Like all Cenobites, Hunger possesses great strength, a heightened resistance to damage, proficiency in dark arts, and is virtually immortal. He's been shown to have a form of telekinesis, and can summon forth hooks on chains much like Pinhead. Hunger is also fiendishly clever in his underhanded deals and schemes to get souls.

    Other Media

    Hunger has not yet appeared outside of the comic medium in any of the Hellraiser movies. He was however a prominently recurring character in Clive Barker's 1989 Hellraiser comic series.


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