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    Hunger » Hunger #2 released by Marvel on October 2013.

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    So far so Great!!

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    Build up to this Issue (Quoted from the pre-issue summary)

    Rick Jones,Possessor of Tremendous Cosmic power, Was chosen by the Watcher as the savior of all Universes. Rick, Meanwhile, Has other things on his mind. (Burgers, mostly)

    But when the Watcher teleported Rick across the Galaxy and into the Chitauri/Kree war, And the Gah Lak Tus swarm arrived in the midst of it all, Rick was forced to face the fact that perhaps he truly is the champion of all creation. And the Galactus swarm wasn't the only threat on the horizon that day. A time quake from the "Age of Ultron" rocked the galaxy, tearing a big hole in the universe. And out of that rip, An Unexpected Quest climbed though: Galactus!

    The Swarm merged with Galactus to form a new, Cosmic creature with one thing on its mind...


    The Good and the Bad

    The Good

    • The Art is very well fitted
    • It has a whole scale huge cosmic threat, And the writer manages to pull of humanity in it
    • The Cover is again great
    • The Humor is well fitted

    The Bad

    • No complaints

    My Thoughts

    This Mini-series brings the huge scale comic war I love but succeeds in making Rick Jones this series like to Humanity. I Am planning on buying the rest of this series, I would recommend jumping on now but if you would prefer it would work as a pretty nice trade to have in a collection

    I have given this Issue a strong 5 stars

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