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    Hun is a super enforcer that leads the Purple Dragon gang and works as a henchman to the Shredder. He has battled the four turtles on many occasions.

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    Hun began his criminal career as a young boy, by his teen years he was a prominent member of the Purple Dragons street gang. One time he and the Purple dragons burnt down a store belonging to Casey Jone's father, the fire also killed his father causing Casey to develop a vendetta against Hun and the Purple Dragons. During this time The Shredder takes in interest in Hun and trains him as his protégé.

    Mirage version

    Before the Shredder New York was ruled by Hun and the Purple Dragons. Like his 2003 counterpart Hun and the Purple Dragons burned down Casey's father auto shop, which caused Casey to go one on one against Hun. With his incredible strength Hun nearly beat Casey to death in front of his mother, until Casey managed to pull out a knife and stab Hun in his left neck which caused his left eye to go permanently blind, which caused Hun to go in a rage as he lifted Casey and slammed him face first, which put Casey in a deep coma and on life support.

    When one of his own men betrayed him to Officer Miller, Hun was locked up. When he was released he found that the traitor had turned the Purple Dragons into the "Black Dragons" a gang subservient to the Foot Clan. Hun killed the traitor and wiped out the Black Dragons promising to rebuild his old criminal empire.


    Both the 2003, and Mirage version, Hun is at peak human strength, and very large and has pushed his muscles to the maximum with incredible speed for a man his size. He can bench press 1000 pounds and much more durable than an ordinary human (he survived a big fall in the episode City at war part 3) he's surprisingly agile despite his massive size. Trained by the Shredder Hun is a master of martial arts he can single handley take on all four turtles, and other mutant monster by himself.

    Hun also been shown to be an expert at weapons with swords and rocket launchers and machine guns. Unlike his 2003 and Mirage counterpart, IDW Hun (Arnold Casey Jones) was an out of shape alcoholic, when he was kidnap by Dark Leo, Shredder offered him a mutagen steroid type drug that will enhanced his strength, size and speed.

    Other Media

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 series

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    Hun was originally created for the 2003 Ninja Turtles animated series, he was voiced by Greg Carey. As the leader of the street gang known as The Purple Dragons, he makes his first appearance in the episode titled attack of the mousers. Hun is second-in-command of the New York faction of the Foot. In this continuity, it was Hun that first entered the home of Hamato Yoshi in order to kill him and received a scar from his rat Splinter, in an attempt to defend his master.Hun’s loyalty does not extend to the rest of the Foot, as evidenced by his defections and his hatred for Karai, Saki’s other protégé. During Karai’s time in New York, Hun made no secret of his desire to see her disgraced and dead, resulting in an attempt on her life aided by Dr. Baxter Stockman.

    Hun is also responsible for all of Stockman's "punishments".During the City at war arc, where New York’s underworld is fractured due to The Utrom Shredder’s presumed demise, he leaves the Foot and takes direct control of the Purple Dragons, until he is informed of his master’s true fate and returns to the Foot. During Season 3, Hun and Baxter Stockman have an uneasy partnership due to the fact they both serve the Utrom Shredder but are now considered expendable failures to him, as both have lost to the Ninja Turtles so many times and were demoted with their former positions filled by the more competent Dr. Chaplin and Karai although unlike Stockman, Hun is still loyal to the Shredder despite being regular demoralized by his Master.

    While Stockman receives humiliating scars from the Utrom Shredder for his failures, Hun is not so permanently damaged for his. This could either be because Utrom Shredder values his physical health or because, unlike Stockman, Hun accepts responsibility for his failure. Possibly Hun's punishments are not as severe as Stockman's, given that Hun has been a very loyal and competent servant until his run of bad luck with the Turtles. It is also noteworthy that the Utrom Shredder gives Hun a chance to redeem himself in Hun on the run. During the show's fourth season; with Ch'rell exiled in space and his daughter, Karai, ruling in his stead, Hun left the Foot and overhauled the Purple Dragons. Hun changed the Purple Dragons from a lowly street gang to an organized criminal syndicate, similar to the Utrom Shredder's and begins big-time operations. So far, the new direction has proved successful.

    Hun now doesn't seem to like the Shredder after learning he is an Utrom and even asks Karai how could she serve the Shredder knowing that he was an Utrom. In the season 5 Hun and the Purple Dragons were later recruited to aid the Turtles against the armies of the resurrected Tengu Shredder, although Hun first thought he could join the Tengu Shredder, the Utrom Shredder's minions were not welcomed.

    He would later betray the group to steal Tengu Shredder's treasure, only for it to dissipate following the Tengu Shredder's destruction. In season 6 Hun appears in Mikey's story in Clash of the Turtle Titans and in a story in the episode The Journal. In season 7 Hun's first appearance in is in The engagement. The episode sees Hun seeking the Ring of Yin, wishing to use its monster-creating powers to build an army against The Shredder, who he had heard was coming into power. He lords over the Purple Dragon, which have grown into an organized crime syndicate. When the ring is given to April by Casey as an engagement ring, Hun and the Purple Dragon kidnap April in an attempt to obtain it from her, going as far as to even considering cutting off her finger to get to it.

    Upon seeing Raphael, one of the Dragons asks him about the Turtles' supposed defeat at his hands, alluding to a section of bo and a sai on Hun's belt as "trophies", and Hun becomes visibly nervous when called on his bluff. In the end, Hun failed to obtain the ring, having been knocked off of the giant flying Demon April, and into the river.Hun has been revealed to be a hardcore gamer, playing on SuperQuest as the Elfinator, a trash talking green elf.

    He worked with the Turtles, though not knowing it is them. When they obtained the keys to the chest holding Splinter's data bits, the Ultimate Gamer appeared, having masked himself as an NPC. Hun worked with the Turtles to turn Leo into a level 50 White Lion to defeat the Ultimate Gamer. He and Mikey, befriend each other. Just then, a Purple Dragon walked in on Hun, who immediately signed off and threatened to rip out the lackey's tongue if he told anyone.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 series

    Hun in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 series
    Hun in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 series

    In this series, Hun is also a member of the Purple Dragons, only this time, he is Asian, he was redesigned to look like Bruce Lee.


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