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    Former villain that can communicate with insects.

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    Buck Mitty was a Professor of Entomology at ESU. He was an avid and enthusiastic fan of insects. Buck Mitty was also minor-league villain that fought Spider-Man, only to be defeated by the hero and sent to prison. Later he was released from jail and returned to crime, but was again defeated by Spider-Man. Later, Deadpool was hired by Empire State College to capture Humbug, and to stop his wave of robberies from the college.

    He later joined Heroes for Hire.


    Humbug was created by David Michelinie and Marc Silvestri. The character first appears in Web of Spider-Man #19 released in 1986.

    Major Story Arcs

    World War Hulk

    During World War Hulk he was assimilated into No-Name's new hive plans. He became the Earthly host for Miek and No-Name's future children. Due to his physiology and the mixing of the breeds, the children were corrupted and were killed. Humbug became so corrupted both physically and mentally that he asked to be killed, and was - by Shang-Chi.


    Originally Humbug could use amplified insect sounds to vibrate or incapacitate others. Humbug could use this ability in such a way he could tear open armored vehicles. In Heroes for Hire No. 9 the Heroes were on a mission to the Savage Land, and Humbug got a power upgrade and an exoskeleton from some giant bugs. He apparently now has superhuman strength, agility, speed, durability and the ability to communicate telepatically with any insects in the world. It is unknown if the new abilities comes from the new suit, or himself.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 5'6"
    • Weight: 130 lbs.
    • Eyes: Hazel
    • Hair: Brown

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