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He is one of the few Atlanteans to have develop mutant powers, but because of his fire based abilities the other Atlanteans deems him a threat, which forced Relur to escape to the surface world.

After discovering his powers Miguel entered an underground arena as a combatant and faced off against the Human Torch, but was defeated. Although he won, the Human Torch was impressed with Miguel's skills as he was the only one to have lasted longer than other combatants and offered to teach him to fight. Miguel was unable to give a reply as the guards shocked them unconscious and took them back to their cells.

While imprisoned in the Arena Cell, both revealed to each other their identity with Relur being one of the few existing Atlantian Mutants because of his fire ability and Miguel revealing to him his name and his reason for being there. After their discussion the two break out and escape the arena together.

As an Atlantean mutant he possess powers common to all Atlanteans as well as his mutant powers which are seemingly those of both the Human Torch And Namor.

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