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Brief History

Little is known about the background of Bruce Bravelle. According to "Marvel Mystery Handbook - 70th Anniversary Special" (2009), Bruce was born in Patriotville, South Carolina. He completed his high school education but never attended college. 

At some point, Bravelle met Professor Raymore Davis and his daughter Martha. He agreed to serve as a human test subject for Davis' experiments. The Professor sought to mutate the human body to enable it to consume electricity instead of regular food. An electric generator would inject power right into Bravelle's body. But an accident occure during the experiment. A lightning bolt struck the generator. Injecting Bravelle with a second dose of electricity. 

The result was that two different electric currents became active within the body of Bravelle. One at the right side of his body, the other on the left side. Acting as "opposing magnetic forces". By crossing his wrists together, Bruce could spin around in superhuman speeds. He initially had no idea how to use his new powers. But the Professor had great plans for him : "I shall call you the Top -- You shall fight the forces of crime and be the savior of the oppressed and innocent!"

The Top had only two recorded adventures in the 1940s. His subsequent activities are unknown.


The Top's powers are electromagnetic in nature, his spinning caused by the interaction of two opposing forces.He can travel in speeds of 250 miles/402 km per hour. He can generate a whirlwind around him which deflects flames or bullets. He can increase its intensity to the point of tearing into solid rock or steel. He can elevate himself in the air, simulating flight. He can operate underwater. his body is used to operating at high speeds with little to no adverse effects.

Despite the nature of the original experiment, it is uncertain if the Top can feed on electricity. 

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