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Action Packed Fun

The Story: 
The first story involves Christopher Chance taking an assignment in which he must deliver a mafia informant named Angelo Morelli(who has decided to come clean and testify against the mafia before he dies) to Washington D.C. But before he can do that, Moreli tells Chance they have to retrieve his evidence he has hidden around the world in different cities. Moreli's daughter insists on coming with them and they run into trouble in each city while attempting to recover the evidence they need. 

The second story involves Chance retelling different stories in which he received scars while on missions to a woman he met at the bar in Singapore. She ends up trying to kill Chance in a hotel room and Chance finds out she was sent by his old boss. 

My Thoughts:   
This is the first time I have had the pleasure of reading a Human Target comic book and I am happy I picked this up at the store. This comic does not disappoint. I don't think I have ever read a comic with this much action in it. It's a fun and exciting comic that takes you all around the world to places like Paris, Vatican City, Venice, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The chase scenes were fun to read. Len Wein did a fantastic job writing

The art is top-notch to put it simply. I enjoyed it a great deal especially the issues in Vatican City and Venice. Bruno Redondo drew the cities beautifully. Every time I flipped the page I was amazed at his talent.

This was an all around great comic. Great writing and stellar artwork. I look forward to reading more Human Target especially if this creative team continues to work on this title. Even if they don't I'd still want to read more because they have me hooked now. Check this out if you haven't yet or if you were unsure about getting into this series. It's definitely worth it. 

Rating: 5/5

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