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    Character » Human Meteor appears in 31 issues.

    Public domain character revived for the Invaders series.

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    Duke O`Dowd was a former adventurer whose plane crashed in the Himalayas. He discovered a secret civilization in the lost city of Bayakura. He fulfilled an ancient prophecy and was taught how to control the energy in atoms. He would become the Human Meteor and join the group Battle-Axis. Defeated by the Invaders ,the Human Meteor and Battle-Axis (expect for Dr. Death) were arrested. Some time later the Human Meteor and a man named Lambesque went to France and fought the Nazis . What happen to him after the war is unknown.

    Duke gained fantastic powers on touching metal, he however could be harmed by things made of wood, and for some reason being near powerful electric generators drained him energy to the point that he would pass out.

    The only person who knew the Human Meteor was secretly Duke was Toby, an orphaned shoeshine boy.

    When not the Human Meteor, Duke worked as a cab driver.


    The Golden Age Human Meteor had no powers, but when he donned his wonder belt he repelled all metals(causing bullets to bounce off him and allowing him to rip through steel walls) and also gave him super strength and speed although these powers were only active when he was near metal as wonder belt fed him energy to give him said powers.


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