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A group of mutant hating fanatics.  

Alternate Realities 


Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse 

Human High Council 
They represent the final human resistance against Apocalypse´s forces. Their headquaters in Euroasia includes ruins of Big Ben in London. They prepared a huge fleet of ships with nuclear headbombs to attack Apocalypse in North America as a desperate attempt to destroy his reign. 
They send an emissary group to Mikhail´s Mothership to infiltrate and destroy it. 
Executive members: Moira Trask, Bolivar Trask, Emma Frost, Mariko YashidaBrian Braddock, General Thunderbolt Ross.  
Special Task Forces: Clint Barton, Carol Danvers.
Emissaries: Donald Blake, Gwen Stacy, Tony Stark, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, Victor Von Doom and Bruce Banner.

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