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So we've got this WWH cover with Hercules, Angel, Scorpion/Carmilla Black, and some scantily girl, Namorita, if this girl had blue skin...and if Namorita hadn't died with the New Warriors. Maybe Valkyrie?

New Defenders?

Might these be Hulk's allies during WWH?

I can't really imagine Angel coming to Hulk's aid after he basically declares war on the Earth.

Scorpion though, was hinted to be Bruce's illegitimate child from his pre-Hulk/college days. Hinted of course, not for sure.

I don't really know enough about the other two to judge, especially considering im not exactly sure who one of them is at all :P.

Serve up your ideas or theories.

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It's been said that they're some of the few heroes who become sympathetic toward Hulk during the War. They are: Hercules, Angel, Scorpion, and Namora.
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I have to say, this is the first image I saw and it got me hooked into the hype.

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hmmm not one i know...

nice artwork though, some of the best i've seen for the hulk in a while


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