Will Maestro be Marvel next flagship villain

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Posted by Schwarz (584 posts) 4 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Will Maestro be Marvel next flagship villain (27 votes)

Yes 56%
No 41%

As a bonus question, do you guys think Maestro could actually be the one who created this new event with your thoughts on how he would have done it if it is indeed him. Example, having absorbed the beyonder's power like Doom did in the past.

My opinion: Since some directors at marvel introduced Maestro recently as one who could defeat Thanos for the game contest of champions and seeing on panel once again the famous treasure room of defeated/killed MUs super heroes and covers of Maestro standing over corpses or relics of powerful heroes, I think we might have a ourselves a new super villain in the MU. Really looking forward to this new event or "reboot" (if they stick to it) in the MU.

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I truly hope so but i have my doubts with it comes to Marvel lately.

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I hope not because Hulk the villain is kind of lame.

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Yes, Maestro should be the next high-end villain.

It's about time someone knock Thanos & Doom off their throne. We need some more powerful, dangerous villains who can do that to the likes of Doom & Thanos. And I certainly can see Maestro being more than capable of taking them down. After all, Dr. Doom, Thor, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, and countless other heroes & villains were slaughtered and defeated by the Maestro, as shown in his trophy room. It would be awesome if Marvel intends to utilize the power and potential of the Maestro.

Besides, for those who want to complain about Hulk being a villain, the writer could simply use an alternate universe/reality version.

I mean, who is to say Hulk will be a malevolent Maestro in the far future?

What if instead the 616-Universe Hulk becomes a benevolent Leader of an alien empire?

I could have seen that happening if Hulk were to have stayed on Sakaar with Caiera and if not for the explosion that nearly destroyed the planet & killed Caiera in the process. And technically speaking, it could still happen if one were to create a great enough saga in which Caiera is resurrected and Hulk reigns over a vast alien empire instead of returning to earth. Then, through many decades/centuries he eventually unites all the alien empires under one rule. A benevolent reign that Hulk and Caiera reside over.

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The cool thing is that in contest of champions, Maestro seems to be using multiple relics from Marvel heroes like cap's shield and other interesting stuff. Would be nice to see maestro defeat heroes after heroes and using their own weapon agaisn't others.

One more thing for those who said Yes or No without much explanations, it would be fun to have your thoughts on your answers.

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Is "Maestro" Hulk just a futuristic version of Hulk? I understand a story where in the future he kills several super-powerful people. How does he pull that off? I'm unfamiliar with the concept of "Maestro" honestly.

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The maestro is a version of Hulk that does not hold back at all. All of hulk's incarnations are always held back a little with morality even World War Hulk did not want to kill anybody and we saw how strong he could be even defeating Sentry. Hulk never intended to kill anyone really. But Maestro on the other hand is not held back, he is pure evil and insanity, After centuries of absorbing radiations. How he killed all the other marvel heroes is not mentionned all we know is that he defeated them as it is said and said recently again in spider-man 2099. Speaking of that spider-man 2099 Maestro snaps the neck of 2 guys without laughing or without any emotions. We are slowly discovering that Banner/Hulk has always been scared of becoming Maestro, giving in to the rage. Yes I know Hulk has always been a raging beast but Maestro is really the end of the spectrum of power. In the last issue of Hulk #16 Doc Green has a vision of him becoming Maestro and he's scared of becoming that version of Hulk. See it as an angry Hulk with no morals at all. Instead of all the current angry Hulks this one actually enjoys killing people. And he seems to enjoy collecting the relics of the killed heroes.

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@haveatthee: Supposedly in one of the futures there is a nuclear war on Earth that kills most of the population and many heroes and villains. Those that survive(which is most of them since nukes are not that big of a threat to most superheroes) get killed off by Maestro who has absorbed a ton of the fallout radiation which made him stronger and because he also has Banners intellect and absolutely no morals he brings down everyone that would oppose him. His trophy room is amazing.

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Marvel doesn't need villains with the heroes around to go bad, I can't remember the last time a good villain was created and had staying power.

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Never liked Hulk as a villain , nor do I like how marvel pits hero vs hero that got old so long ago. I am sure they can come up with a villain if they try really hard.

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I wouldn't make Hulk into a villain. Evolve him as a hero, or at least a heroic figure.

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#13 Posted by Schwarz (584 posts) - - Show Bio

He probably will be both since Maestro is a future version of Hulk, and present Hulk will probably fight him.

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I doubt it, but hope so.

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Maestro defeated Thanos with the infinity gauntlet. He also defeated Galactus and many other very powerful beings. You know why? Because The Hulk is unbeatable.

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..This is Maestro's time....I hope!

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I want a Maestro/Hulk title written by David but I don't want Hulk a villain...He is always an anti-hero(not on his purpose) but NOT a villain....Even as Maestro is a tragic character....

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All evidence points to the Maestro being the next major villain for the Marvel Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse. And honestly? It's about damn time. I mean, seriously, Thanos and Dr. Doom being the ultimate villains has been done to death. It's just gotten repetitive.

And if the Maestro is to become akin to his mobile game counterpart in the upcoming "Contest of Champions" series, I think all of us are about to be very pleased.

"Have you seen Galactus' face, summoner? I have ripped off his mask myself! I killed the Phoenix Five in one timeline... and the Phoenix Corps in another."


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I would like it, but I don't think so.

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He is gonna play a big role, it's obvious they are amping him up to be important but we shall see just how much and what effect he will have on the rest of the Marvel universe.

I mean fight God Doom in Future Imperfect #5

Ruling over the Context of Champions which takes random Marvel heros and villains and pits them against one another is a big deal on itself, but let's see what comes out of it.

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By the way for those who don't know, the contest of champion comic book will be canon :)

For those who don't want Hulk to be a villain please do remember, Maestro has been a villain since the begining. There was never a mention that Maestro was a good guy. He's a future version of Hulk gone heartless. There will always be a Hulk and I hope from now on we will also always have a Maestro. The reason I am saying this is because I have seen a lot of people answer that they don't want Hulk to be a villain and I am just clarifying that Maestro and Hulk are 2 different characters even though they are the same. So it takes the Jekyll and Hyde a bit further. Good vs Evil with a time perspective.

So even if Maestro does become one of Marvel's new flagship villain, there will probably be a good guy Hulk around anyways.

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I am intruiged how the battle with God Doom is gonna go; Doom is one bad ass right now and its issue 5 so not the last one. I think perhaps he retreats from a beating and comes back to take out the God Doom at the end...

But Maestro is suddenly flavour of the month after years away...Great!

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@bezza: You don't suppose he will gain enough power from the artifacts that he can stand on equal footing with God Emperor Doom? I think it might be very possible. I mean, in the "Contest of Champions" video game/comics, he's got some insane feats/accomplishments. Here's but a few.

"Have you seen Galactus' face, Summoner? I have ripped off his mask myself!"

"I killed the Phoenix Five in one timeline... and the Phoenix Corps in another."

"I have defeated a school of X-Men. A world of Avengers. A galaxy of Guardians."

"Once, I even hunted a Celestial."

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In secret wars, guardians of Knowhere, Doom has killed a celestial easily and people live in its head so if Maestro manages to out smart or defeat Doom, that shows how smart and/or strong maestro is.

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I want Hulk to become Maestro it would be interesting to see a founding Avenger become one of their most powerful villains. Also it wouldn't be hero vs hero it would be hero turned villain vs hero, it was already establish that he is a villain.

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This Hulk story is basically "Hulk Kills the Marvel Universe." Only with the intent to rule the world instead of ending existence.

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Hopefully he can replace Thanos as the big baddie of Marvel. The underestimated hero proving to be the greatest villain ever faced.

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