Why does Banner build a bomb?

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Banner is really smart. He uses the Hulk to help the Avengers and be a hero. He became the Hulk from a gamma bomb he helped create. Why would someone like that want to make bombs?

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To bang the general's daughter.

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Why not? You're a successful scientist getting payed a decent amount and already renowned prior to the accident. Many scientists have contributed to the creation of powerful weapons so it's not outside the realm of possibility that banner would as well.

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Well, keep in mind when Banner was created in real time it was the 60's. the Cold War was in full swing and it was thought we may fight Russia in more then proxy wars at any point.

For the most part, in most mediums, the bomb has been revised to be something else.

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Different writers have different reasons, the most common is normally that he wanted to research gamma so it could help power things and help the world and all that jazz. He didn't have the money to do it so had a contract with the military to work on a gamma bomb, which allowed him to continue his research despite not wanting to blow things up.

He even lessened the yield on it IIRC, until tony stark interfered and pointed that out.

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He wanted to research gamma for the good of humanity. I remember reading some issues about Tony Stark being drunk and not remembering if he tempered with the bomb. I don't remember exactly but someone touched the bomb so it would be a weapon instead of usuable energy or make it powerful. It was in Original Sin. Hulk vs Iron Man. Though the 60s Hulk didn't really mention any of this. Though I think Tony did touch the bomb but lessened its power trying to make it more powerful. I have read that a long time ago but read original sin to know exactly what happened. Bottom line Banner and Stark did study together at some point

Tony made weapons and Bruce wanted to create energy for the good of people. Tony knew Banner was smarter and tried to convince Banner to make weapons.

The event Original Sin had the watcher die and someone knowing every secrets that the watcher had seen.

When Bruce learns that Tony might have touched the bomb he went Hulk, destroyed a city made to stop Hulk.

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