Whos strong Hulk or Doomsday ?

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#101 Posted by Redatom1234 (2817 posts) - - Show Bio

How is hulk suppose to kill doomsday? Hulks core ability is brute strength, and I'm pretty sure doomsday has evolved past that. Hulk is stronger by feats but doomsday tangles with the justice league with one arm behind his back, he certaintly ain't no pushover.

@bezza I wouldn't use sentry ripping ares in half as a strength feat, I don't know why, it may be good but even with his healing factor it just doesn't sound as impressive as it should be. And superman vs hulk is a bit different to superman vs doomsday, one has a higher base level, is faster to a degree in combat and is pretty damn durable . And last thing, it's a comic book, guys like doomsday and hulk are not gonna be thrown in the sun right off the bat

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#102 Posted by medulaoblaganda (2413 posts) - - Show Bio

@greenscar1990: in fact the gamma radiation will fight the spores itself.

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#103 Posted by arthurkerr (2207 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought they both were pretty much the same character. Both adapt to the threat. That is why the Hulk can see the dead he adapts to things he perceives could hurt him and those around him.

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#104 Posted by dum529001 (3992 posts) - - Show Bio

Doomsday is just a Hulk rip-off anyway.

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#105 Posted by Gorilla01 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

I vote doomsday but with doomsday it depends on how many people he has fought before than because he cannot be killed the same way twice and with each death he comes back stronger, more durable, and smarter. Plus superman's average durability is the same as hulk's wich would mean that doomsday could make even hulk bleed and break as he can make superman bleed and has killed superman. Doomsday's regeneration also varies sometimes it's short other times it can take centuries or longer. Also deadpool has shown once hulk has reverted back to Bruce banner either by being knocked out or falling asleep can be killed, and I have full faith that DD could knock out the hulk wich means he could kill Bruce banner.

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#106 Posted by whoisthebest (2249 posts) - - Show Bio

@gorilla01: But Banner has also tried to shoot himself in the mouth and survived by Hulking out.. wasn't the deadpool thing non canon?

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#107 Posted by Supi (185 posts) - - Show Bio


He can have Doomsday for breakfast.Simple!!

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#108 Edited by MrDevil (3092 posts) - - Show Bio

@boostergold321 said:

@deaditegonzo said:

At base, Doomsday is definitely stronger than the Hulk. And unlike with a lot of characters, the "Madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets" argument wont even work here. Doomsday evolves to beat his opponent. If he was fighting Hulk, he'd keep adapting to everything Hulk did (and Hulk is a one trick pony, so he wont be doing much).

How can you know Doomsday is stronger than Hulk at base strength? Have anything to really back that up? Doomsday is just a rip-off of the Hulk with little to no personality.

See, I get that you like the Hulk, but thats not what we're debating here. He really lacks any feats that would make him stand out all that much in the DC Universe. Case in point, one of the Hulks best feats come in planet Hulk, holding Sakaar's tectonic plates together, compare that to Hal Jordan the Green Lantern, who at 36% energy HELD EARTH TOGETHER in Trinity. He is the Green Lantern, maybe sixth most powerful Justice Leaguer or even less, and he outdid Hulk.

Doomsday on the other hand is Superman's superior, after their initial clash, Superman, even equipped with a Mother Box and New God tech didnt have a way to stop him, and he was fighting smart, staying back, using speed and heat vision. Hulk would have been dead in a nanosecond, Doomsday was winning. Then his volution came into play and he speared Superman and dragged him to the ground.

It doesnt matter who ripped off who, Hulk is doomed if he ever meets DD.

well if you are going to look at the most powerful incarnations World Breaker Hulk is obviously the winner. I would say is fair to say Doomsday vs Savage Hulk they are fairly equal (except the New 52 Doomsday that guy is pure venom but Hulk is not affected by it). S/P Doomsday may evolve but at the moment WBH disintegrate him with a punch that's it for him.

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#109 Edited by Truth_Teller (2100 posts) - - Show Bio
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#110 Posted by supremegreen_dx (94 posts) - - Show Bio

correct me if im wrong.. but doesn't doomsday's adaptation ability mainly only prevent him from dying the same way twice.. not on the fly power increasing like hulk?

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#111 Edited by IshanAli (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok I know more about the hulk than doomsday. I know that eventually doomsday will get used to the hulk ways of fighting. But the hulk has no weakness doomsday can rip out his heart and his lungs and hulk will regenerate them in seconds all doomsday would do is puss him off and then u see world breaker hulk who can crush the earth to smithereens in 1 punch then no one can stop him

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#112 Posted by wbr17 (3516 posts) - - Show Bio

both are strong

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#113 Posted by G-Dude (877 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk is stronger in terms of strength, whereas Doomsday is stronger in resistance or durability. They're are both extremely strong though and should be equals almost. I would see Hulk winning most of the fights, However, the last fight would probably be won by Doomsday.

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#114 Posted by 98115 (1748 posts) - - Show Bio

if its just pure strength then hulk

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#115 Posted by MrDevil (3092 posts) - - Show Bio

Savage Hulk is already stronger.

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#116 Posted by VirginTroll (60 posts) - - Show Bio


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#117 Posted by Cream_God (15519 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk has the individual feats while all DD has is ABC

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#118 Posted by 20damon (6163 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk has better strength feats if you take in strongest incarnation of both. Doomsday has fought much stronger competition. However, i believe Hulk has a signifigant edge in strength when in Worldbreaker form, i think Doomsday is stronger than Hulk's form aside from Worldbreaker. Doomsday is somewhat faster and more relentless, but i think they have similar durability, Hulk's does increase with his strength (and his healing factor does as well)

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#119 Posted by KrleAvenger (26269 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is this on Hulk forum? Also, Hulk is stronger.

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#120 Posted by GhostRavage (14945 posts) - - Show Bio

Doomsday's powerset allows him to simply overcome what Hulk brings, but there's no doubt Hulk is definitely stronger.

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