What would you have liked to see the Green Scar do in PH/WWH?

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While I did enjoy World War Hulk greatly, I think it failed to live up to the awesome story that is Planet Hulk and I miss better strength feats from the Green King than beating the crap out of heroes which normal Hulk has beaten before without showing much new feats other than in his fight against Sentry. If you could add or remove to the WWH story, what would you change? Any particular heroes or villains you would have him battle? Would you have wanted him to battle Thor, Namor, the Silver Surfer etc? A rematch against Juggernaut? Any awesome strength feats you think he could have performed? Should he have been more ruthless and killed people? In short, what would you have liked to see the Green Scar do during his vendetta against the Illuminati?

And while we're at it, would you also have liked any particular changes or added anything new in Planet Hulk?

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