What were your thoughts on the Hulk era of the 2000's with all of the spin-off gamma radiation characters?

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This is kind of a complicated question. During the 2000's, it felt like Marvel was suddenly giving every member of the Hulk's cast gamma radiation and created a bunch of spin-off character: Red Hulk, A-Bomb, Red She-Hulk, etc. Not to mention this was when they introduced Skarr. It's kind of like nowadays with all the Spider-Man spin-off characters. But after awhile, Marvel just kind of gave up on them and had the Hulk depower them all except for She-Hulk during the Gerry Duggan run.

My question is, did you think this was a good idea for the Hulk comics to go with and you liked the characters, or did you think it was overblown and your glad it's just Bruce and Jennifer who can Hulk out?

My feelings on this era are kind of mixed: I liked most of the characters introduced, but I did think here were too many and that Marvel didn't know what to do with them after a while.

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