What do you want to see Hulk do in Thor ragnarok?

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I see that most fans are happy with Hulk being in the next Thor film except the die hard Thor fans. I can understand why they feel this way for many reasons, but there are many reason why Hulk is in this film.

1- JLA will be released the 11-23-17 and just a regular Thor movie is just not gonna cut if the studio wants to make money.

2- They can't make a Hulk film without Universal taking some money, so what better way to show Hulk in the MCU by having a guest appearance with Thor . This way they keep all Hulk profits.

3- Where has Hulk been during Civil War? Now the answer is clear. Not to mention that Ironman will be in a Cap film so why not Hulk in a Thor film.

4- 2 is better than 1 and will draw more profits for the film, especially since both Thor films are regarded as good but not great films.

5- More Hulk is a GOOD thing considering that Hulk only had 1 appearance in phase 2 (Ironman3 had no Hulk). Folks just want more and rightly so Thor, Cap and Ironman had there own films and were still in Avengers 2 with there supporting cast members were see or mention, but nothing from the Hulk.

Now the following is the stuff I want to see Hulk do in Thor Ragnarok.

1- NO Thor vs Hulk, because if Thor wins in makes Hulk look bad already in the light of Ironman sucker punching Hulk out and if Hulk wins it makes Thor look bad in his own film.

2- Hulk should TALK already and in conversations like in the animated Avengers earth's mightiest heroes. enough of the mute gorilla in action already.

3- Showcase Hulk strength more but Hulk should NOT steal the spot light from Thor, it is his film.

4- Thor and Hulk should be a true team-up film.

5- Show Valkyrie, Enchantress, Surtur, Executioner and Ulik and his army trolls

There are many stories where Hulk was in Asgard, tales to astonish 101 and inc Hulk102 come to mind that could be rich in comic book history and add flavor to the film. What are yours?

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I want to see the hulk fight beta ray bill, then beta ray joins thor and hulk to stop ragnorak

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I want to see Hulk and Thor go against a powerful threat that would be too much for any of the other Avengers. I want there to be moments where Hulk shows his power, and does something people deemed impossible, and I want Thor and Hulk to work together.

I don't want Hulk mind controlled.

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@teh_pwnerer: but AOU confirmed Ironman>Hulk

After hearing reports that Hulkbuster won, I thought the same. After watching the movie, it's clear that Hulk defeat how many Veronica's prior to the knockout blow? If not for the hex being broken, Hulk would have eventually killed Tony Stark. Hulk > Iron Man.

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So, I assume most of you heard the confirmation that... the Hulk will supposedly have a major role in Thor: Ragnarok? I find it to be quite interesting. Here's my thoughts on the subject.

Having two of the most powerful heroic beings like Hulk & Thor team-up for a movie has immense potential. It means we'll get a lot of action & smashing. However... I can't help but wonder: What kind of threat, or threats, could be so massive to require Hulk & Thor teaming up?

Being the film has Ragnarok in its title, I can expect that all the 9 Realms and possibly other alien worlds will be at war. When it comes to Hulk & Thor, you have to have the biggest threats for them to face. Otherwise, the need for a team-up is completely unnecessary.

On a different note, What I'd like to see is Marvel finally having the guts to develop Hulk & give him a damn personality. I want to see some Jekyll and Hyde aspect of the character. I want Hulk to speak in full sentences, be his own unique character, and have nothing but contempt for Banner & everyone else. I want a Hulk who has an attitude. A Hulk who is the Strongest there is. A snarky, raging, unstoppable warrior badass. That's what I want.

I'm just so sick of Marvel forcing this mute, growling/snarling beast of a Hulk down our throats in every film. Enough is enough. It's time for a change. Make the Hulk his own unique character, give him a personality, allow him to speak in sentences & continue to develop from that point forward.

However, I would like to state that I still want a couple solo Hulk films, including Planet Hulk, in the future. That's not to say that I would mind if Thor: Ragnarok & the Infinity War films act as a prelude to a Planet Hulk film. In fact, I'd favor it greatly if Thor: Ragnarok & Infinity War: Part 1 & 2 are the prelude to an actual Planet Hulk film.

I mean, c'mon, guys! I can just picture Hulk wearing Asgardian armor... and it is quite awesome!

Back to the topic of potential threats for Hulk & Thor, assuming we get this team-up for the film... which I'm hoping and praying that we will. There's always the potential all the enemies/threats of the 9 worlds including Surtur & Fire Demons, Ymir & Frost Giants, Mangog, Hela and the forces of Hell, etc.

Hulk & Thor also could be contending from alien threats outside the 9 worlds as well as the threats posed by the 9 worlds, thus giving us a huge threats from two different fronts. The Cull Obsidian/Black Order could be a possibility, along with the alien armadas they lead to seek one or more of the Infinity Stones. The Kronans, Sakaarians, Korbinites, and Shadow People could also provide a diverse army for whatever or whomever would be leading them to go against Hulk and Thor.

There's definitely a lot of potential in a Hulk & Thor team-up. I just hope they leave Jane & the rest of the Earth characters out of this. We do not need any more of their interference, as they totally drag the film down. It was one of my many complaints about the sub-par film that is Thor: The Dark World.

It's also time we see Hulk & Thor cut loose without fear of leveling cities and killing thousands of people. This film, given it's location or locations, gives us that chance to see the two most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to really cut loose and put the Man of Steel battles to shame!

I'd like to also say that it'd be interesting to see Hulk/Banner interact with the various Asgardians like Sif & the Warriors Three. Who knows? Banner/Hulk might find a potential love interest in the form of Valkyrie/Brunhilda, Sif, or maybe Caiera herself. It's not out of the realm of possibility.

Some of you have to admit that it would be interesting if Banner/Hulk do manage to obtain the heart of someone like Brunhilda/Valkyrie, since the Valkyries will be introduced in this particular film. It would also serve as a nice reference/homage to Valkyrie & Hulk's strong bond during the original Defenders comic series. It doesn't have to be straight-out love right off the bat. Think of Valkyrie/Hulk relationship being like that of Hulk/Caiera from Planet Hulk. Kindred spirits of battle/war who once fought against one another but then unite to face a greater threat. This relationship/bond could develop from Thor: Ragnarok and into Infinity War trilogy.

I could definitely picture a scene like this between Banner & Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.

Loading Video...

Also, has anyone thought that maybe Loki's revenge against the Hulk will be that he manipulates him into causing an all-out war: Ragnarok? It could be possible that Loki realizes that Hulk is the only being powerful enough to shatter/destroy a weapon/seal, thus invoking Ragnarok. It also makes me wonder if Loki & Enchantress could potentially manipulate the Hulk into causing Ragnarok in a similar vein to the animated Hulk Vs. Thor film. There's just so many possibilities.


I'll post some links with more information of the topic when I get the chance.

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In that movie, I just want the Hulk to say something other than: "Hulk Smash!'

I know it will never happen though....

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