The Identity of Totally Awesome Hulk Revealed

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This is idiotic. Hulk is not a costume, he is a character with decades of history just like Thor, Superman, and all of the other icons of the industry. Cho turning gamma green does not, and never shall, equate to Cho being "the" Hulk. It just makes him giant green Cho, with none of the real Hulk's history, memories, or true claim to the persona. Marvel is dropping the ball again. Hulk fans do not want this and Hulk fans are the ones who drop the most coin on Hulk products. I for one will not spend a hot dime on this title.

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people whine for no reason. it's obvious that banner will still be the hulk. i might be one of the few people who actually read the books for banner. my favorite hulk arc was with zen banner. banner will always be the hulk. there is no reason for having him in the book if he wasn't going to be at least A hulk. there are a thousand hulks out there. no one cried and whined about red hulk, a bomb, or she hulk.

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The thing people don't seem to understand is that after secret wars the marvel universe is restarting. There will not be multiple Hulks. They said it. There will be one and one true Hulk and that Hulk is Cho. I feel like people don't read the interviews or just don't listen. It is not like Red Hulk A bomb or whatever. There will be only one Hulk and that will be Cho. They are remaking the history. Everything you knew still existed yes but this is a reboot of the Hulk and that is what pisses me off. Banner will be in the books but won't be Hulk. It won't be like he will still remember he's been a Hulk before it is a new history. Please people do read the interviews before you comment.

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I've never seen the Hulk forum so active in the years I've been here. This alone is showing Marvel did something right ;-)

Oh come on... you and me both know that makes no sense. Marvel could cancel Hulk and the Hulk forums would be even more active, not all publicity is positive.

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@christianrapper: get lost and stop talking nonsense as usual. They've explicitly stated that banner IS NOT the hulk, or even a hulk. Hulk is gone, banner is now just banner. One of the main plots throughout this book is supposed to be why banner lost the ability to turn into hulk.

And ffs, no one cried or whined for red hulk, she hulk, red she hulk or any other hulk because they weren't replacing the real deal. They were made to help with stories and enrich the lore the hulk. Amadeus cho is becoming the hulk, and REPLACING the real hulk as a publicity stunt. That's why people are pissed off. And Jesus christ, do you understand how stupid the whole "there's no reason for him to be in the book if he wasn't a hulk" sounds? He's obviously going to act as a mentor.

Banner is not the hulk anymore, or even a hulk. People are pissed because marvel have thrown banner to the side and replaced him with one of his old supporting cast, purely because (this is literally the only reason) banner is a white Caucasian and cho is Asian. Because yknow, diversity.

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@schwarz: I think your a little confused bro. The universe isn't being completely reset, banner in the post secret wars universe is going to be the exact same guy, same with thor and everyone else. It's not a full on reboot like the new 52, they're just using the post secret wars universe as a fresh jumping on point as well as an excuse to mix up all the teams and titles in favour of more diversity and new series. Banner will remember being hulk and everything he did, heck, totally awesome hulk starts 8 months after the new universe is made. The reset isnt making amadeus hulk, something happened after the universe was reset that made banner lose the ability to become hulk and gave it to cho. That's one of the main plots.

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Looks cool but the Hulk's haircut is a joke....

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@christianrapper said:
@donmeca2020 said:

I'm not looking forward to a Hulk with no banner..... marvel is trying every new way to attract new readers, This however is going to effect the readers whom have been fans for years.... I have no problem with bringing an asian guy into this now, but i do have a problem that they are making an imitater to the title.

haven't there been about a hundred stories about the hulk with no banner?

As always your knowledge on the Hulk is impetuous. There was one story of Rick Jones being Banner decades ago and it lasted for a couple of issues only.

Say what ??? now your dragging me into your argument with everyone else.....

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@donmeca2020: no he isn't, he just quoted the other users reply to you.

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It was very obvious from the onset. Marvel has been "gammafying" people close to Bruce Banner for the past 7 years, so Amadeus Cho was really the next one in line. As a Hulk fan I love Greg Pak, and Frank Cho's artwork is spectacular. That being said, I just want a monthly Bruce Banner as Hulk series that doesn't have to gamma-empower or gamma-depower a character every few issues. I know that sounds weird since the Hulk is gamma radiation, but I liked Indestructible Hulk because it tried to maintain a sense of a status quo. I also agree with comments that have come before---just because you have gamma-induced powers, it doesn't make you THE HULK.

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@thedailybagel: Answer me this. Which Banner/Hulk in secret wars is 616 Hulk. None because he died in 616. Unless you have proof that any of the Hulks/Banner we are seeing in Secret Wars is the surviving Hulk right now as far as we know all the Hulks we are seeing are just random Banner Hulk from Random universes. So the post secret wars Banner will only be a random Banner from Secret wars meaning yes he is a new Banner. Will he remember being a Hulk or what happened in secret wars maybe but everything else is wiped out from 616 Hulk. So my point is that it is in fact a clear slate or almost clear one. The whole history of Hulk is no more. There is also no proof that in the restart, Banner will remember being a Hulk, heck maybe in the All new marvel universe Banner has Never been a Hulk to begin with, it might just be a Banner that existed in secret wars that never was a Hulk. Anyways we will just have to see but I think Marvel used secret wars to mess things up around and I actually enjoy it so far but I wonder how this new universe will spawn. Will it be a carry over or just the beyonders recreating everything when crap hits the fan in secret wars. So yah to me it will seem like a reboot. Anyways Secret wars was a reboot anyways. Most characters we are seeing are not even the original except those that were on the life raft.

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@schwarz: lol, I dont know where your getting your info man but marvel have already confirmed the exact opposite of half of what your saying. I'm assuming that everyone who died is just going to be brought back to life, seeing as secret wars isn't a full on reboot and if they did that only around 10 characters would keep there history, which is just stupid. Everyone's going to be brought back to life after secret wars, same banner, same everybody. Banners already confirmed to be the same guy due to having years of experience with hulk (baring in mind that all the post secret wars comics take place 8 months after secret wars finished) and there isn't a single banner in battleworld at the minute with 616 banners history.

What do you mean there's no proof that banner isn't hulk or won't remember being him? Lol, greg pak has already said in interviews that banner was still the hulk in the post secret wars universe, but something happened which caused him to lose the ability. HIm and frank cho have said that that's going to be a main storyline; what happened to banner. Moreover, banner is going to act like a mentor to cho, and try to teach him what it means to be the hulk, he couldn't do that if he only had a few months worth of history. hes the exact same guy and secret wars is only an opening for a new status quo, it isn't an actual reboot.

See, this is what I mean, you shouldn't be so confident on something if you don't know the full picture. The beyonders aren't going to recreate a new universe, because silver surfer (yes, canon 616 silver surfer) is currently rebuilding the 616 universe right now, seemingly almost exactly what it was like before. Everyone is just going to be revived after secret wars is over, as well as a few added characters now and then (like old man logan).

Bottom line is: secret wars isn't a reboot how you think it is, it isn't resetting anyone's history or rewriting how the world works. It's just an excuse for a massive change in the status quo of marvel comics. Furthemore marvel themselves have outright stated that secret wars isn't a reboot. This isn't even a debate, I'm just stating facts.

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@lvenger said:

But one thing is for certain – Amadeus Cho is a completely different kind of Hulk. Not tormented, not conflicted. Just a giant green wrecking machine who loves being the Hulk!

Did it never cross Alonso's mind that maybe, just maaybe, that people like reading about Banner's conflicts and inner turmoil because that's what made the Hulk even more interesting than his incredible strength and titanic battles? And that most Hulk fans don't want to read about Banner losing his Hulk side because the psychology and duality of the Hulk/Banner dynamic is far more interesting than yet another one of Marvel's diversity for diversity's sake stunts. But no let's remove the dynmac that is woven into the Hulk's core characteristics and replace him with a hip hop happening Hulk that's totally down with the kids because of his awesomeness. I feel sorry for the Hulk fanbase for once, this really is Female Thor all over again.

See there's why my issues with the series begins. Hulk at this point has been established as the psychological representation of someone's inner personality ( Or personalities). Cho may be a cheerful being, but that's not what comes out at the other end when one turns into the Hulk. That's why I never really liked the multiple Hulks running around, even if Jeff Parker and Greg Pak managed to make something interesting out of it. If it starts out fun, that may be cool, but as we go by Cho is going to have to realise what it means to be the Hulk, and the mental strain that comes with it. It took Banners years to come to terms with his condition and make peace with the more intelligent versions of his alter ego, so Cho just running around having fun is a bit too much. He may not have the same kind of turmoil like Banner. There's potential, considering that Cho's parents were killed, and the rebellious rage may resurface, but given the direction and the description, I'm not all that enthusiastic. Best I can hope for is that Pak somehow manages to expand the Hulk lore and Banner's character, since he's done so before without needed the Hulk to be Banner.

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@kevinwalsh said:

"Can't I just have interesting stories with bruce banner" <--don't fully grasp how good comic books work

Yea good comic books color wash and gender bend white male characters.

Sure, because ever time in the past that Marvel makes a character have a temporary replacement...that was the reason. Oh wait, white male Thor, Spider-man, and Captain America all disagree with that.


Superior Spider-Man

Bucky Barnes

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@darkday: Good job missing the point and don't worry you are not the first.

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@thedailybagel: Well then it might really not be as bad as I thought. Though could you provide me with a link where it states that every marvel characters from 616 will be revived in the new Marvel. I just want to be sure that the Banner getting revived will be the one from 616. There is a difference between revived and recreated. I'm not in bad faith, you seem to know a lot about the situation and that would be nice to know that the new marvel is the continuing 616 and not just a similar recreation with the characters changed or recreated differently. Not just a new universe with a different history.

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@schwarz: they haven't outright stated "yeah, everyone's just getting revived afterwards" as that would kill the hype for what happened to the marvel universe, but it's pretty clear they are and everyone is keeping there history. Banner has been the hulk for years, will remember planet hulk and everything else, and literally the only banner in the multiverse to have lived through those events in that exact way was 616 banner. I don't know if the new universe will still be called 616 universe anymore, but it isn't an actual reboot so there's no need to worry. Everyone's keeping there memory, history and feats. Secret wars is more of a soft reboot, they're just shaking up the status quo majorly and might use it to fix a few silly continuity errors, but they aren't erasing anything or resetting anything either.

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@theacidskull: I figured the drastic alteration and loss of Banner's psychological and inner conflicts would be one of your misgivings about this status quo shift considering what you've said about it on your Hulk blogs and respect threads. That's where I got most of the and basis for my comment anyway.

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@thedailybagel: Thanks at least if it is the way you say and that would make more sense then it is not as bad as I thought.

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Personally, I think this is a really dumb idea..... Marvel doesn't need anymore Hulks.

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So Amadeus Cho, Greg Pak's ^%$#^% Mary-Sue character, finally gets to become the Hulk? I hate Amadeus Cho, the character. If Cho is in a book, I don't read it. The character is a worthless waste of space. Making him the Hulk MIGHT make him reasonably relevant, but this Hulk is just a strong green guy with the personality of a 19-year old who thinks it's "Totally Awesome"!

This will suck very, very, very badly. This will suck so hard, that readers will get hickies from this book. Greg Pak's most useless waste of his lifetime... is now the HULK.

Seeing a teenage Hulk running around punching things will be exactly as entertaining as it sounds.

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Is he going to fight Kaiju?

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I think this idea can be a good read, but only because of what I am thinking is going to go down in this series. Cho will start out super hyped about being a hulk, will start out having a good time and seemingly showing off how he can be a hero while not a raging green monster… then things start to turn. Without really noticing it, Cho actually starts changing personality wise as the series moves on. The constant transformations are actually having an effect on Cho's mental state but he doesn't notice it until it is too late and something terrible happens as a consequence to it. Cho realizes then and there that being a hulk is no walk in the park, it is a terrible burden that can take you over the very second you let your guard down. That and maybe the Maestro pops up, smacks him around, and begins to deconstruct him verbally on such a scale that we readers feel those metaphorical blows.

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I gotta admit..the passion for this character coming from the Hulk fans is admirable.

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Ok I'll ask again if cho is the new hulk then what's going to happen to banner ?

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I think it's that obvious that banner will be a hulk sooner or later. there is no point of having him in the story if he won't be a hulk. who the heck wants to read about bruce banner being a scientist? that would be like reading about peter parker just owning a company.

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@christianrapper: wait banner is normal now ? Last I heard he was Doc Green and cured most of the hulk team.

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@kid_omega_prime: After the SW event he loses the Hulk and is a normal guy(presumably) while Amadeus Cho gains Hulk, so this is after all of the Doc Green nonsense, you are several months behind.

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Looks interesting. I'll check it out if the budget allows.

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...I'm out...

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omg surprise somebody else as Hulk..

Never seen that coming.

(yawn) wake me when the stories find the real Hulk.

Posers suck.

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..Will pick up Issue 1, probably wont bother buying..

I have dropped so many Marvel titles lately...too much gimmickry, Wolverine, Thor, Spiderman and now sucks.

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Smh if he is completely replacing banner what a fail. The only change that I like and makes sense to me is falcon being the new captain america. Let's campaign to have black panther changed into a white dude or a syrian chick just cuz.

Edit: yeah I'm late on this so sue me.

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No Caption Provided

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No Caption Provided

I do not know how they plan on writing Cho as a Hulk. Will he still have his (Hyper) Intelligence when Hulked out? I think since Banner Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets and Ross Hulk gets hotter the madder he gets, I think it would be cool if Cho Hulk gets gets Faster(Hyper) the madder her gets.

They make every hulk big and bulky. I think they should make him leaner since he is a teen. I found this older image and I think it would fit better in my opinion.

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Ain't very optimistic about this new Hulk. Seems like it'd be worth readin' at least, checkin' it out. Especially since Pak's startin' it out. Ain't sayin' it's gonna be bad or nothin', just think it ain't gonna be as good as the original. Especially the Green Scar/Gravage Hulk. I really liked that one's rough-around-the-edges personality.

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*Skims comments* Guys, you are totally missing the point here. Most of us are used to Bruce Banner being the Hulk; suddenly he's not, and we have no idea why. Everything's been turned on its head, and we have no idea what the hell is going on, so anything could happen. Isn't that fun?

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@wam-hope said:
@alphazro said:

Everyone arguing "Don't change existing characters! Make new ones!" opinion needs to understand why they are doing this and why it's becoming a thing in comics....we told them this is what we want!

When Marvel and DC have released brand new, original characters of another ethnicity in their own comic everyone shits on it in the forums, twitter, facebook, etc, etc. Remember Silk? you know the asian spider-lady that has a solo comic out now....from what I can surmise the general response to her is derision and outright anger towards the character, "I don't like Silk but...."

When they made a lady team with the Valkyrie and Misty Knight.....The Fearless Defenders anyone? no one bought it. What does that say to Marvel? people want diversity but no one wants to try anything new, so how do they fix it? A Female Thor, a Black Captain America, and so on. So while you get your undies in a knot about The House of Ideas messing with your childhoods think about the last time you try a new ethnic comic character's book out before you RAGE at Marvel.

Couldn't say it better myself.


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