The Green Skar vs Hulk Squared.

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The most powerful Hulk incarnation from WWHulk, and Incredible Hulks vs Former Hulk incarnation createt because of time travel. It is unknown if this version is stronger than Green Scar, but some believe he is. Green Scar has Banner Intellect and works with him more than any other hulk incarnation. Hulk Squared is more savage than Savage Hulk and he never talks. So, you Hulk fans could give me an information about this.

Round 1. - Green Scar can fight like a beast but he can not turn into the World Breaker.

Round 2. - He is World Breaker!

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Hulk sqaured is featless, but assuming he's twice as powerful as indestrutible hulk he could have a shot in round one.

Round 2, green scar.

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@thedailybagel: re-read the issue, and hulk sq was tanking gunfire and tank shots with no pain at all, effortlessly grabbing Rpg fire and was ripping and lifting through tanks like paper (nothing too impressive, standard hulk couldd do that), but he knocked over (sent flying) rick Jones car by screaming, and blew away an entire squad of army men in jeeps by sweeping his hand, creating shockwaves. He was described as " He's 5 tsunamis, he's a dozen tornadoes", is bigger than standard savage was theorised to be able to destroy a mountain by landing on it, was stated to be able to rip through a mile of ultra-fortified prison walls easily and break out a prisoner, a feat that was stated to be impossible even for hulk, and banner and khotto were scared he was gonna atomize them. Not much to go on but he looks to live up to his name.

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