The God-Breaker

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make a scenario to where he becomes the godbreaker

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When the Gods of Earth's pantheons become mad and wish to annihilate/enslave/conquer everything in the universe, only one being can stand against them. Empowered by Gaea and made as her champion, who bestows upon him the mightiest weapon known to exist, the legendary sword known as the God-Breaker, The Hulk is given a task that only he can accomplish: Kill the Gods who have gone mad before all hope is lost. Aided by allies such as Thor, Hercules and a few others, mortal and immortal alike, Hulk sets out to battle the Gods and their ruling Sky-Fathers. It is only a battle that the Strongest One There is can hope to succeed.

And by the way, Hulk can already match/best gods like Herc and Thor in battle. Just sayin'. :)

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