Should Hulk talk more in movies?

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In the first two Hulk movies and in "The Avengers" Hulk had spoken very little. Here are the only words he spoke:

2003 Hulk: "Puny human, "Take it all"

2008 Hulk: "Leave me alone", "Hulk smash", "Betty"

Ruffalo Hulk: "Puny god"

Some people think Hulk should talk more. Because in the comics, that's always been the case. More words = more personality, so it is said. This is a double-edged sword: On one hand he would have more personality and on the other hand that could reduce his personality. What works in comics does not necessarily work in film. Hulk is a maverick character, he only appears when he is angry (or under enormous stress, pain etc.) and is only doing what he thinks is right. An attempted compromise could lead to a smash. When he talks all the time and tries to discuss everything, then there is the risk that he is no longer taken seriously by the audience. Where he says: "No, I do not want", he might roar or smash something. It is his childlike, defiant behavior and low intelligence that makes him the Hulk. A few words will not change anything, conversations or discussions would.

What do you think? Should Hulk talk more in movies?

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He also said 'HULK SMASH!' in 2008.

As for the talking: I'd be a fan of a Hulk with a bit more personality. I'm not talking extensive conversation, but a Hulk who actually has an opinion to contribute could be interesting. Take a note from Planet Hulk/World War Hulk.

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I am torn on this, I like Hulk being the "quite" butt kicker, but I also think he needs to talk more. I think his lines in the Avengers played very well. He's almost like a classic western character who let their actions speak for them and when they spoke it was short and sweet, alia "Puny god". One of the best Hulk scenes in Avengers was when he punched Thor in the fight for New York.

Granted that works in an ensemble movie where you have multiple head line characters, but for his own movie he's going to need to talk more.

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'hulk smash', 'leave me alone' is enough hulk talk for me. hell, i'll settle for the 1st one.

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@jonsmith: Thank you, I've almost forgotten it.

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The Hulk character is basically a mentally retarded child. The less he speaks, the better.

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If they want to make more Hulk movies then yes he needs to speak, have discernible and reasonably sophisticated motivations, goals etc. Otherwise Banner becomes the protagonist and you are pretty heavily restricted in the types of stories you can tell.

However given that this approach probably saves Marvel about $100 million per film in CGI its understandable that they arent that keen to go in that direction. Im interested to see where Whedon goes with the character in Avengers 2 however.

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