Peter David or Greg Pak

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Posted by HowlingWolves (208 posts) 9 months, 20 days ago

Poll: Peter David or Greg Pak (21 votes)

Peter David 76%
Greg Pak 24%

Who do you think had the better Hulk run?

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#1 Posted by Battle123axe (9197 posts) - - Show Bio

Pak had perhaps the greatest hulk tale ever told, cemented hulk as basically the most powerful brick around and took a lot of what PAD did and redefined it in modernity, he also did a lot for Hulk's supporting cast.

But Peter David? He's bascially the reason Hulk's around at all, especially a smart, badass hulk. Pak does write the most powerful Hulk, but without PAD hulk would have had nowhere near the respect and power level he's treated at now.

PAD stomps, he's the og, basically without Peter David there would not be the Hulk we know now, green scar or no.

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#2 Posted by Invain (5150 posts) - - Show Bio

Peter David. Everything from Joe Fixit to the fall of the Pantheon was great. I couldn't put those issues down. His stuff at the beginning and towards the end wasn't as good with their overlapping stories, but even those still had some great single issues.

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#3 Edited by Thedailybagel (12908 posts) - - Show Bio

Pak made me love Hulk, PAD worked wonders but he isn’t the >only< reason that Hulk was on the map and allot of people really didn’t like merged Hulk including myself tbh.

Pak is what made me a fan, and he’s pretty much my favourite writer ever. So as much as I love PAD I’m gonna go with Pak here.

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#4 Posted by theacidskull (22027 posts) - - Show Bio

Peter David.

Don't get me wrong I love em both, but in terms of raw vision you just can't beat him. For 10 years, PAD always kept moving forward, building off the writers before him, and literally laying down the foundation of how Hulk was going to be perceived or understood in the years to come. Even if you dislike his work you can't deny that he essentially refined/redefined the Hulk mythos at it's core.

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#5 Edited by Fanawtik (229 posts) - - Show Bio

Easily Peter David. I usually like when comics took apart characters and looked at what made them tick and PAD was a master at that. Building off of earlier runs, he took the character in new directions and really built on Banner's psychology to develop an interesting multi-faceted character. With Doc Samson and the multiple incarnations and everything it was like a psychological evaluation combined with superheroes and sci-fi. I realize that doesn't work for everyone but I love it.

If anyone tries to top him... well, have fun.

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#6 Posted by Rock_Hard (275 posts) - - Show Bio

Pak told better action stories but PAD told better character stories and by far left a much bigger mark on the character. He is #1 Hulk writer imo.

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#7 Posted by TheInsufferable (2876 posts) - - Show Bio

Peter David

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#8 Posted by Morpheus_ (34658 posts) - - Show Bio

Without PAD, there would be no Hulk as we now know him. Maybe the most underrated writer of all time.

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#9 Posted by theacidskull (22027 posts) - - Show Bio

Without PAD, there would be no Hulk as we now know him. Maybe the most underrated writer of all time.

An absolute beast of a writer. It's very rare, but every now and then I'll pick up a book with characters I know nothing about just because it's written by someone who is absolutely fantastic.

David is one of these few writers.

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#10 Posted by Torrentio (45 posts) - - Show Bio

PAD has a base built by Bill Mantlo though

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