Pak is back on Hulk post Secret Wars!

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I got into marvel because of Hulk so many years back. I was obsessed by the character and read as much as I could. To me if Hulk is not Bruce Banner I will retire my comic books reading. I mean I'm 31 and started reading maybe 20 years back. So after secret wars I might just call it quits. Even though I would have wished for it to continue if my favorite character dies or disapear I will still have had a really nice time with Marvel comics but I am not ready to read a new story that involves someone else. To me even though he would be called Hulk, he would be a different character thus I am not interested in reading anything else or a new super hero for that matter. Like I said even though marvel wants to call a new guy Hulk, to be it would be the same as calling spider Man Hulk. Yah he might have the same name but he's a different person. It was fun but :)

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Finally we can enjoy a good Hulk story from a good Hulk writer.

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