Need Help puting My Hulks in Order

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Ok so im kinda new to this comic stuff havent really read any in years. anyway i decided to start reading the world war hulk series (ya know why not). so my thing is with the copies i have what is a good reading order to go in? so far I Have:

Peace In Our Time (1-4)

Planet Hulk Exile (1-4)

Planet Hulk Interlude Giant Size Hulk One-Shot

Planet Hulk Interlude Gladiator Guidebook One-Shot

Planet Hulk Anarchy (1-4)

Planet Hulk Allegiance (1-4)

Planet Hulk Armageddon (1-2)

What If Planet Hulk

World War Hulk WarBound (1-6)

World War Hulk AfterSmash (1-2) im saying 1-2 because i have 2 different ones

Seeing Red

Banners Back


Smash Meets Snikt

Quality Time

Banner & Son

Fall Of The Hulks Father's Day

Fall Of The Hulks Man With A Plan

Fall Of The Hulks Endgame

World War Hulks Perfection

World War Hulks Unbound

World War Hulks Sons Of Wrath

Dark Son (1-6)

Chaos War Inferno

Chaos War Hell Break

Chaos War Harrowed

God Smash Pt.1 & 2

Planet Savage Pt. 1,2 & 3

was that whole CHAOS WARS series apart of the hulk series? if it is where does it fit in? i have 19 issues of that and i think i have it in order already. i also have this FALL OF THE HULKS not sure how many issues im supposed to have but i have 15 issues of that:



Red Hulk 1

Incredible Hulk #606

Hulk #19

Incredible Hulk #607

Hulk #20

Red Hulk 2

Red Hulk 3

Red Hulk 4

Incredible Hulk #608

Hulk 21

Savage She Hulks (1-3)

Then I have these world war hulks

Game Face One Shot

Hulked out heroes (1-2)

Spider-Man Vs Thor (1-2)

Captain America Vs Wolverine (1-2)

Hulk 22

Incredible Hulk #609

Incredible Hulk #610

Incredible Hulk #611

Hulk 23

Hulk 24

Hulk Chronicles (1-6)

I also have The Red Hulk as well does that tie in with WWH? the issues i have are:

Who is the Hulk

The Smoking Gun

Creature on the loose

Red Light Green Light

Rolling Thunder

Blood Red

Hell Hath No Fury...

...Like A Woman Scorned


Love & Death

Trapped In A World They Never Made

Winner Takes All

Hulk No More












Scorched.Earth.Pt 1-4








Planet Of Fear Pt. 1-2


I know its alot but i also have these SKAAR SON OF HULK as well:

Skaar Son Of Hulk # 1-17 & Relm Of Kings 1-4

Now if they are already in order just let me know what order the series go in. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

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I really doubt anybody has the patience to put that list in order for you. I would suggest looking at the wiki for each series to get the release dates.

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Aight Cool Thanx I do some more research then

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