Is there anything that his anger can't do?

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Pretty much what says in the title, is there? I mean, all I am waiting for now is the Hulk to be able to fire lasers out of his eyes consisting of radiation. I mean, people have been saying he can survive in space, resist TP, he flew(yes I realize thats non-canon, but still it happened...unless of course he didn't use his anger to fly..) and a bunch of other things with his anger and its like...well what can't he do with it? 
Edit: Wait just also forgot about his healing factor probably contributes to all that, so pretty much the question is...what can't he do with his anger/healing factor?

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He can't beat Reed Richards at chess.

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He does things just because he is pissed. An asteroid could be heading towards Earth and Hulk could be so mad that he develops his own gravitational pull that swings the Earth around him and avoiding the asteroid successfully.

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@Wolfrazer said:

Pso pretty much the question is...what can't he do with his anger/healing factor?

make me care about him as a character....

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Hulk's abilities that are amplified by anger are restricted to strength, speed, healing factor, radiation output, durability and endurance. His TP resistance is because of his various personalities I believe.

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he cant solve a rubix cube with his anger

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I think hulk does have a limit it's just unknown, and probably will never be driven there, and even if it was driven to that point I doubt it would be calculable. World breaker is the strongest level of anger we've seen but it can only destroy planets whereas characters like odin can destroy galaxies and hurt galactus. In my opinion hulk's potential extends probably to just below skyfather. I don't think any being could get angry to that point, you can't get angry forever Eventually the anger has to stop

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(Hope it works with the dictionary)

What Hulk has achieved so far.

Mountain lift 150 billion tons (Banner Hulk)

stood against the energy shackles of strangers (this has strengthened them with a machine to keep so they can have planets).

dopelt destroyed an asteroid the size of the earth

has its own space-time continuum broken (I have not looked up myself but do not trust the source)

Caused an earthquake in the infinite Dimmensions (then universes were still called dimensions and the universe with the other dimensions of the multiverse)

Is of a moon jump to a planet (in seconds and without anger)

landed after the jump exactly on the meter

On wall a poison which was developed special for him.

Banner healed after rigor mortis had occurred (Banner had been shot on the run)

survived million degrees Fahrenheit without injury

survived a (wounded) is greater than the heat in the core of the Sun

a missile has caught in the air.

can see ghosts

can a being without body a artmen (and eat) even who it already partially in the body of man is 50.00.

Influenced EMP can deliver similar energy what weather still there (could not control the weather)

Can absorb energy and turn it into more than it was initially

Can make a fossil of Banner Backward

his skin can withstand adamantium and attacking destroying what Adamantium

it can emit gamma rays energy and cause explosions

, the energy of over 200 Rulks absorb (with a machine but a Rulk been handed to kill one of the ancients of the universe.

Destroyed the Destroyer Armor

At Wath if he destroyed Thor's Hammer

Defeated the Surfer

Was a force against the Surfers (this time it had done) immune

was able to create a new body was left of him stark nch the only bone (Maestro).

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Of course. The Hulk's strength and anger are great assets...when you need something smashed.

Sometimes problems are better fixed by the following: Talking, sneaking, hacking, diplomacy, science, etc.

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@Wolfrazer: The Hulk's cells increase in gamma energy, growing in strength, in proportion to stress in order to survive. The key factor is stress, Whether caused by the stress of his own anger/strenuous physical activity or what is inflicted on him by others.

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I believe he can do anything. He punched a black hole in a comic and I think he collapsed it. After that, I will never argue against the Hulk (still can't beat Thor though).

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The limiting factor, IMO, is that his ultimate World Breaker literally can't exist without destroying the world. People forget that he only went from the WWH persona to World Breaker for a few moments (and a few steps) before screaming to Stark that he needed to be neutralized before he tore the earth apart. I would argue that his desire to not take innocent life makes his upper limit a liability instead of an asset.

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@ The_Peter_Cosmic : The World breakwater has appeared twice.

For a while the world appear übelebt his.

Really dangerous, he was then only as Mindlless (3) Hulk.

Then he destroyed a planet when he and she Rulk (magically enhanced fought).

Here some supervillains were killed. One of them was the Silver Surfer is far superior and others had just turned invigorating enough to conquer the Earth.

Yet they and the planet were destroyed because they were too close.

Hulk then later transformed into a (at least) 10 times greater in Worldbreaker. The earth was not destroyed Yet. Could at Super A-bomb, She-Hulk and Super Super She Rulk have been located. they have lots of energy absorbed.

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No one outthinks, outfgihts, or beats the Hulk!

The Hulk's gamma irradiated physiology allows Hulk to survive in space, bust planetoids, etc. Hulk draws upon the universes' limitless nuclear energy. Hulk/Banner's increase in gamma radiation in proportion to stress(caused by his own physical exertion/anger or other outside forces), converting it to new and stronger cellular mass (his tissues are incrediblely dense) in order to survive. As a byproduct of this Hulk has a regenerative healing, is self-sustaining, has limitless stamina and is immune to any magnitude of lethal injury.

Hulk's cellular mass growth matches the intensity of his stress so it is never overburdened(unlike Wolverine's). As it is known, Hulk's cells initially use energy to adapt for survival (and that process does occur instantly)BEFORE multiplying themselves in order to keep the body coherent instead of staying scattered. Even though Hulk's x-factor gamma strength ability keeps him from death it does not keep him from being rendered unconscious at times.

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