Is there any manga character who could beat The Hulk?

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Hao asakura with the great spirit...

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DBZ top tiers. Alucard (maybe). Toriko top tiers.

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@blood1991: @deadhulk: SSJ4 doesn't appear in the manga. GT is pure anime and not based on any manga.

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Hulk is unstoppable and has no limits to what he can overpower, he's a living meme or cartoon of raw violent power, that displays physical brute force manliness as an unmatched primal state, he is simply unmatched in being better than others in savage destrutive power or a strong and cunning berserker that runs on rage and manliness.

If Hulk had to battle any anime characters, Hulk would simply get more powerful and madder then his opponent. He fights like a animal, a warrior king, and sometimes a living diaster, there ain't nothing he cannot adapt to in order to achieve a purpose bordering on abstract personification, he smashes and destroys.

Honestly hulk may be the prototypical op anime hero of destruction. He gets strong enough to slug infinite demensional creatures and has punched mystical realms out.

Either anime creator gods can stop the hulk or hulk may get strong enough to defeat them, it depends how he's written.

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@seekquaze: don't think that will work on hulk, he's a infinitely destructive concept buster in world breaker,(the dark demension is infinite in planes and hulk and red she hulk devastated it when they clash) and reality energy devestator as mindless hulk.

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@danteisterrible: You make it sound like Hulk can beat PR-Beyonder, which will never happen for as long as Hulk exists. Hell, I doubt he can beat the Ivory Kings, all who would be stomped by Featherine Augustus Aurora, an anime visual novel character who was matching PR-Beyonder in one of the threads I had seen on here.

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There are so much Manga out there, that there will be at least 1 person who would be able to beat said Hulk.

Also to everyone who said Goku, you technically would be correct, Goku in his max powered up form or Super Saiyan God would be trillions of times stronger than the said Hulk would be, for example, If you were to take a pebble and throw it at someone it wouldn't have much of an affect, but if you threw say an entire set of galaxies at someone i'm sure it would do more than leave a mark. This example was showing the said Hulk's (pebble) power to a specific thing that could not be destroyed no matter what, but could still take damage vs Goku's (entire set of galaxies) power.

I'm don't have anything against the Hulk or anything it just requires some research and quite a bit of knowledge from both beings. There are also "beings" that are much stronger than Goku, Goku is said to be the 5th strongest anime protagonist/antagonist (officially ranked). The other 4 characters are 4. Tetsuo Shima - Akira, 3. Kyubey - Madoka Magica, 2. Zeno - DB Super, and last but obviously not least #1. Saitama/One Punch Man - One Punch Man. You can choose to believe that or not, other that main characters there are also many other "beings" that are much stronger than Goku as well, such as Whis and Vados whom are from a race of angels. As well as many other omni-potent "beings". Which is also well said by @fallschirmjager in his post naming multiple other beings that are stronger than the said Hulk.

Really there is nothing else to explain, I could of just said "Goku", like many others did, but that is not my style for those of you who have read my other long and boring explanations, Thanks for reading and please check out my other Forum Post's about Manga/Anime.

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