Is Hulk a "copy" of Solomon Grundy

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The title says it all. Was Hulk inspired by Grundy or was it the other way around?

For years DC fanboys and Youtubers that don't do proper research have claimed that because Grundy came first that Hulk copied him. So I went back and read every issue Grundy appeared in before Hulk's creation and a few after. I can safely say that Grundy and Hulk had nothing in common that Hulk doesn't have in common with Frankenstein who Stan Lee said Hulk was based on.

Solomon Grundy didn't look like Hulk, talk in 3rd person like Hulk, say "Grundy crush," nor was he the same color as Hulk.

Here is Grundy:

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Here is Hulk:

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Well I think it's actually Grundy who copied Hulk but what do you guys think?

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I understood fine you misunderstood me.

You obviously didn't get the memo but DC themselves confirmed all their timelines, eras are canon kid. Ask Jim Lee, Dan Didio and Johns they all confirmed it various times since Convergence and Rebirth.

I understood you just fine. What does that have to do with anything I've said?

@arctika said:

I understood fine you misunderstood me.

You obviously didn't get the memo but DC themselves confirmed all their timelines, eras are canon kid. Ask Jim Lee, Dan Didio and Johns they all confirmed it various times since Convergence and Rebirth.

Yes you did, you said and I quote you since I'm home atm I can. I'll even underline bold it for you.

So yes I can read, can you? Anyone who can read clearly can tell you denied the fact that Hulk was originally grey when A. the issue itself confirms it B. factual history about Hulk confirms it and anyone not color blind can confirm it. I was not "reading too fast" you just won't admit what you said and I just called you out on it with your own quote, so now you're lying about what you said? lol If you wanna go that route but the facts don't lie, you wanted to be quoted well I just did. Your words, not mine.

@champion99 said:

SMH...I'm going to assume you're just trolling me now, please READ to me what the cover says. I don't believe you're this dense and you don't appear dumb, I just think you're wearing your Hulk blinders, time to take them off bud. lol Benefit of the doubt? Dude it's just a fact lol. I posted several links breaking down the Hulk historically saying things you both agree with and disagree with regarding Grundy/Hulk comparisons, but you're cherry picking what you like and ignoring what you don't. You just refuse to admit you're wrong here, that's why you're not reading it. lol

What the hell does that have to do with what I said? Are you even reading? You clearly thought I said Hulk wasn't grey, which I never did. Again, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and say you were just reading too fast.


I told you posting scans of Grundy after Hulk's creation is useless. Grundy is white not greyand still was skinny while Hulk has always been buff.

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Is English your first language? If it isn't then I can understand your confusion. Where in that entire post, it the phrase that you underlined, or in the picture did I ever say Hulk was not grey? Show me because it definitely isn't in what you have posted. I said "Grundy was white" not Hulk.

Screenshot for proof if you want to deny it. And no Hulk at first was like Grundy, grey and not even that buff. He was slightly bigger than most guys but then so was Grundy their initial debut to NOW in comics, you can't tell me they look the same. They're gigantic now compared to when they first started.

Hulk is still buff as hell compared to Grundy.

I just told you Atom was a boxer and superhero without powers, so when you fight crime without abilities you're either A. an elite martial artist or B a brute, good fighter. Boxing is but one martial art technically but also most brutes have utilized this style, he's also not exactly small if you look at the pics of him. Either way my point is there's been earlier brutes before Hulk, and you'd be wrong since nobody but you brought up Hercules and he has powers besides. Pretty sure Pratt before he got his powers didn't have any, he was just a boxer superhero scientist.

How the hell can you be a a comic brute without powers? Specifically super strength? My point isn't irrelevant since it was about there being brutes before Grundy. If Hercules isn't a brute because he has power then neither is Grundy and Hulk. That literally makes no sense.

No, you have not. I've already proven that Hulk stole certain things from Grundy.

You haven't proven anything.

Again you just said it here yet you contradicted yourself lol, first you said as I just proved prior few posts ago to me that "Grundy is white, not grey" then you denied it then just said it again here...even though they're both clearly grey early on. Grundy was always Grey, Hulk started off grey before going green. Fact. Grundy was buff but not AS buff as now and Hulk was more of a body builder buff, but realistically proportionate to a man not this huge giant of muscle that he's been for a while now.

I never denied that. I denied your false statement on me saying Hulk wasn't grey. Grundy is clearly white, not grey. So was ever other hero in the 90s that literally proves nothing.

Not irrelevant to my point, and I never said that DC or Marvel created Frankenstein. I said their versions of Frankenstein.

Which is irrelevant.

You said you have but you're not posting it? hmmm can you at least provide me with a link, I'll check it out.

Here: the entire comic page for page

So you'd rather argue over nothing then? lol Everything I've said has been backed up by facts regarding the similarities, best to just agree to disagree because I have no interest in going on in another thread about this. At any rate, it's about Damage not Hulk or Grundy so we should probably just keep to Damage.

I'm not forcing you to reply. You can stop anytime you want. But I've already made the thread so we'll continue here.

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