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@greenscar1990: Cool post. How awesome would it be if Eliza Dushku were to play She-Hulk? She's voicing her in the new cartoon, has already worked with Whedon in the past (assuming she showed up in the Avengers), and has shown that she kicks ass.

All the stuff you said about Banner and Hulk is solid.

Rick Jones or Cho for his ally.

I'd make things go south with Betty and have Kate Waynesboro him hit it off.

I wouldn't introduce Sentry at all. Too convoluted.

Hercules would be cool if Marvel were to expand upon the Greek pantheon. (I doubt it)

That's all assuming the movie takes place on earth. If it were a Planet Hulk movie I would just follow that as closely as possible.

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Yeah, Eliza Dushku would definitely be my first choice as Jen Walters/She-Hulk.

Be sure to look out for the final part of my thread/post on sometime in the coming weeks.

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it would be weird in my opinion to throw sentry in

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